2019 Elected Artists Accepted Works

First Last Title
Jude Abbe Ipswich Winter
Ralph Acosta Seaside Home
Ralph Acosta Block Island
Ralph Acosta Technicolor
Ralph Acosta Crashing Surf
Ralph Acosta Rower
Gayle Asher Beach Adventure
Gayle Asher Tidal River
Gayle Asher Homeless
Gayle Asher Emerald Forest
Dora Atwater-Millikin Bear Right
Dora Atwater-Millikin Pennsylvania Road
Del-Bourree Bach Break of Day
Del-Bourree Bach Down by the Docks
Del-Bourree Bach One Way or Another
Del-Bourree Bach Golden Evening
Joann A. Ballinger Budding Chalk Artist
Harley Bartlett River’s Bend
Harley Bartlett The Lamar River
Harley Bartlett Winter Silence
Harley Bartlett North Haven, ME Sketch
Serena Bates Pati Sadjcar
Serena Bates Virginia of Florence
Jack Broderick Waiting on the Next Tide
Jack Broderick Saturday’s Rain
Jack Broderick Un Amigo Mio
John S. Caggiano Farm in the Valley
John S. Caggiano Between Seasons
John S. Caggiano High Clouds Barn
Judith Chapman Exuberant Fall
Kevin L. Cook The Golden Bay
Kevin L. Cook Green Day on Lieutenant River
Margaret B Dean Bouganvilla
Margaret B Dean Tropical Villa
Margaret B Dean Hilside St Maarten
Lisa Defilippo A Very Still Life
Lisa Defilippo Midnight Rose
Lisa Defilippo Child’s Pose
Lisa Defilippo Danielle
Lisa Defilippo Head Study
Ken Dorros Last Snowfall
Ken Dorros Winter Warmth
Carol Dunn A Whisper of a Memory
Carol Dunn View Point
Carol Dunn Repose
Carol Dunn Pinks & Polka Dots
Carol Dunn The Hunt
Mike Eagle Balcony Scene; Goodspeed
Mike Eagle Youth Basketball
Mike Eagle The Deck of the “Twistah”
Eileen Eder Deux Citrons
Eileen Eder Blue Bottle
Eileen Eder Teatime
Eileen Eder Taylor House 1770
Angie Falstrom Cloud Cover, Ely’s Ferry
Faripour Forouhar Drizzle
Faripour Forouhar The Trees Rise Above It
Faripour Forouhar Coming to Light
Sandy Garvin Rise and Shine
Donna Gilberto Road Through the Marsh
Donna Gilberto Sundown – Giants Neck
Donna Gilberto Morning Vista
Jennifer Holmes Field of Spring
Jennifer Holmes Meigs Point
Jennifer Holmes Rainy Day Boquet
Jennifer Holmes Lavender Picking
Sunil Howlader Light Through Waves
Sunil Howlader Anticipation
Sunil Howlader Focus
Sunil Howlader Flowers in My Garden
Melissa Imossi Flowers on Windowsill
Melissa Imossi Golden Shadows
Karen Israel A Matter of Refraction
Karen Israel Carousel Waltz
Karen Israel Trajectories
Karen Israel A Delicate Balance
Randie Kahrl Hove to
Randie Kahrl Snaps Aflame
Christine Karpinski Evening Surf
Christine Karpinski Rocky Inlet
Christine Karpinski Incoming Tide
Jim Laurino Nonnewarg Barns
Jim Laurino Tiverton Farm
Steve Linde Afternoon Shadows
Steve Linde Morning Shadows
Sarah Stifler Lucas Sur La Plage – Nice
Sarah Stifler Lucas Summer’s Child
Sarah Stifler Lucas Hopeful
Barbara A. Lussier 5 O’Clock Shadow
Barbara A. Lussier Touch of Night
Barbara A. Lussier Ladies in Waiting
James Magner South Port View
Barbara Maiser Flowers with Mirror Reflection
B. C. McTigue Bird’s Eye View
B. C. McTigue Waiting on the Next Tide
Mary Mellot Woman in Waves
Mary Mellot Woman on the Way
Mary Mellot Jim
Mary Mellot The Red Skirt
Mary Mellot A Way Out
Jack Montmeat White Bowl
Jack Montmeat Apples, Pears, and Skulls
Kim Muller-Thym Eternal
Kim Muller-Thym Dipping Down
Kim Muller-Thym Dawn’s Delight
Leif Nilsson The Rose Garden
Robert Noreika Naples Florida
Robert Noreika Changing Light
Robert Noreika Spring in the Air
Robert Noreika View from Maureen’s
Judy Perry Sea Foam
Judy Perry Pure Energy III
Anne Bingham Pierson Waterford Cottage
Anne Bingham Pierson Mt Hamilton
Anne Bingham Pierson Chapman’s Dome
Elizabeth Rhoades Young Pines in Early Spring
Elizabeth Rhoades Trail Blazing
Janine Robertson Sunlit II
Janine Robertson Surface Reflections
Janine Robertson Grasses and Light
Janine Robertson Light Spill
Michael Rogan Tranquil Stream
Michael Rogan Church with Billowing Clouds
Michael Rogan Summer Landscape
Beverly A. Schirmeier French Irises
Beverly A. Schirmeier Oh My Darling Clementine
Nancy Schroeder St Kitts from Nevis
Nancy Schroeder Lyme Spring
Nancy Schroeder Clark Gates Rd. Revisited
Patricia Seekamp Gift of the Emperor
Patricia Seekamp Last Light’s Glow
Patricia Seekamp Tumbling Water
Patricia Seekamp Road Less Traveled
Patricia Seekamp The Birch
Shauna Shane Bantams in Shadow
Shauna Shane From Griswold Point
Shauna Shane To the Chutes
Shauna Shane Harem
Katherine Simmons Spring’s Bounty
Katherine Simmons Lush Life
Katherine Simmons Deluge
Caleb Stone Rudy’s House
Caleb Stone Monhegan Lighthouse
Caleb Stone Gloucester Harbor
Thomas Torrenti Mid Main Essex
Thomas Torrenti Valley Rail Road
Susan Van Winkle The Aristocrat (Capybara)
Joan Wallace Still Life with Antique Watering Can
Joan Wallace Imagine Dragons
Kent Winchell Barn Island
Cean Youngs Dance of the Wildflowers
Cean Youngs Blue Silk

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