2021 Deck the Walls Accepted Works

What a turnout for receiving days! The Lyme Art Association walls will be well and truly decked! Thank you for submitting your work.


  • Do not come to pick up work until FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19th or after. 
  • We welcome contributions of festive appetizers or desserts for the opening reception on Sunday, November 28, 2 – 4 pm. If you are interested in contributing or volunteering, please email Jocelyn at jocelyn@lymeartassociation.org.
  • IF YOUR ACCEPTED WORK IS UNDER GLASS: please send a good photograph of it to Jocelyn at jocelyn@lymeartassociation.org for our online gallery of the show.
  • If you find a typo in your name or title, please email laurie@lymeartassociation.org with the correction.

Deck the Walls Accepted Works List

Artist Title
Ralph Acosta Waiting for the Tide
Ralph Acosta Sunrise
Thomas Adkins Farmhouse Fields – October
Del-Bourree Bach Into the Sun
Del-Bourree Bach Winterhill
Del-Bourree Bach Snowing
Del-Bourree Bach Light Harbor Snow
Sharon Jordan Bahosh New England Barn
Paul Baldassini Ten Peppers
Paul Baldassini Lilac Dahlia
Paul Baldassini Peaches Dahlia
Patt Baldino Red Harley
Patt Baldino Two Tomatoes
Joann Ballinger A Dry Place to Land
Joann Ballinger The Upper Pasture
Laura Barr Ready
Laura Barr Open Water
Laura Barr Tender
Laura Barr Irresistible Wind
Harley Bartlett Autumn Blaze
Harley Bartlett Bookish
Harley Bartlett Last of His Kind
Harley Bartlett Edge of a Field
Sarah Baskin Tobacco Barns in Winter
Serena Bates Penguin Chick
Serena Bates Memorial – Monhegan Island
Serena Bates Puttin on the Ritz
Phyllis  Bevington Castle Ruins
Phyllis  Bevington Umbrella Bouquet
Dawn Bisharat On the Vine
Terry Bogan Sunflower Dance
Jim  Boone Strawberry botanical 
Jim  Boone Strawberry botanical 
Jim  Boone Strawberry botanical 
Kay Brigante Lunch Break
Steve Brunetti Last Vestige
Steve Brunetti Morning Sail
Steve Brunetti Winter at Eastham
Jill Abele Butcher 3 Dolls
John V. Canale Floating in the Wind
Joan  Carew Home Sweet Home
Pam Carlson Early Morning Light
Pam Carlson Open to the Sea
Michael Centrella One End is Moo . . .
Michael Centrella Too Early Snow
Michael Centrella Snow Business
Michael Centrella Bananas, Pineapple and Pears
Diane Chandler Sandscape
Diane Chandler Red and Green Ivy
Lorraine Skelskey Chapin City Slickers
Lorraine Skelskey Chapin California Dreamin’ II
Joanna Chapin Red Lilies
Sharon   Chaples Field Sketch – Barn by Haddam Meadows
Katherine Clark-Nilsson Weekapaug Crossway
Katherine Clark-Nilsson North Cove, Old Saybrook
Carole Constant Northern Cardinal, male
Carole Constant Northern Cardinal, female
Patricia Corbett Sunburst
Barbara Cordell River Homestead
Rosemary  Cotnoir Tree with Lichen
Rosemary  Cotnoir Twisted Tree with Gold
Barbara Cricchio-Efchak Pair of Apples
Jane Critchett Bah Humbug
Jane Critchett Morning Slopes
Jane Critchett Winter in Holland
Teddi Curtiss Light Through the Trees
Susanna DalPonte Deer Isle Day’s End
Susanna DalPonte Deer Isle Daybreak
Susanna DalPonte Stormy Skyline Farm Study – 1
Susanna DalPonte Stormy Skyline Farm Study – 2
Rick Daskam Ocean City #8
Rick Daskam Farberware Coffee Pot #1
Rick Daskam Winter Stream
Rick Daskam Pink and Green
Anthony  Davis On the Rocks
Anthony  Davis Not a Better Day
Chandler Davis Piney
Margaret Dean Pere Noel
Margaret Dean Still Life
Kathleen DeMeo Once Upon a Marsh
Mally DeSomma Forty Winks
Mally DeSomma A Whole New World
Dana DiMuro Autumn Harvest
Dana DiMuro Winter Roses
Carol  Dunn Searching for Lemon Bay
Carol Dunn Back in School
Carol Dunn Autumn Grass
Ruth Dwyer Fluff Star
Ruth Dwyer Elaine #1
Ruth Dwyer Elaine #2
Terry J. Eddy Osprey nest in Marsh
Terry J. Eddy Colors of Sky Blending with Boats
Carole Erdman Mooring Duo
Alexander Farquharson The Old Ice House
Alexander Farquharson Morning Fog Lifting
Faripour Forouhar Winter of Low Snow
Faripour Forouhar Stormy Ocean
Carol Frieswick Plum Purple
Colleen Gallo Lemon and a Wedge
Colleen Gallo Teapot with Lemon
Rose Mary Gates WA-VE
Dorothy Gibb Misquamicut Storm
Donna Gilberto Chaffinch Island
Donna Gilberto Winter Marsh
Michael Graves Flowers on Monhegan
Hilary Griffin Single Crash
Hilary Griffin Double Trouble
Barbara S.  Groff Surrounded by Friends
Gerri Hallgren Across the Marsh
Gerri Hallgren Out My Window
Barbara B. Harvey Horizon, Long Island Sound
Barbara B. Harvey Yellow Onion
Barbara B. Harvey Winter Paperwhites
Dawn Hasara Marina Glow
Dawn Hasara Wintery Walk
Sunil Howlader Fall Beauty
Sunil Howlader Winter Morning
Sunil Howlader Fall in My Backyard – 1
Ellen Hurley Kittens at Play
Ellen Hurley Brass Pitcher and Roses
Melissa Imossi Hanson’s Yellow
Melissa Imossi Roses are Red
Melissa Imossi Oreos and Milk
Melissa Imossi Light as a Feather
Karen Israel Mergers and Acquisitions
Karen Israel Denouement
Irene Jeruss Twilight Glow
Irene Jeruss Early Darkness
Jacqueline Jones Headed Home, Christmas Eve
Jacqueline Jones Christmas List
Susan  Jositas Lilac Poetry
Susan Jositas Garden Peonies
Randie Kahrl Blue Vase and Lilacs
Sandra Karakoosh A Bit of Magic
Pat Kelbaugh Butterfly Boats
Pat Kelbaugh Smoke from a Distant Fire
Carolyn Hagy Kent Magnolia Leaf
Carolyn Hagy Kent Red Birches
Richard Kohlbrecher Anne
Henie Kurtzman Autumn
Isabel  Lane Late Summer on Dudley Farm
Elin Larson Roses  
Jim Laurino Rafes Chasm
Jim Laurino Red House
Jim Laurino The Last of It
Jim Laurino Glebe House
Lois Lawrence Lotus
Lois Lawrence Outlook on Wall Street, Stonington, Ct
Lois Lawrence Lobelia
Lisa Linehan Varied Thrush
Lisa Linehan Hummingbird
Patti Lizotte Lemon Peel
Gale Loch Bird in Pine Needles
Paul Loescher Light House Point
Sarah Stifler Lucas Ramblin’ Dan
Sarah Stifler Lucas 5 O’Clock Shadow
Sarah Stifler Lucas Spice of Life
Sarah Stifler Lucas A Golden Day
Steve Lynde Moonlite Gazebo
James Magner Shore Glow
James Magner Seaside Path
James Magner Mystic Gardens
Keith Magner November Front on Sasco Beach
Barbara Maiser Garden Zinnias
Katherine Mann Garden at Wickham Park
Katherine Mann Still Life with Persimmon and Horse
Katherine Mann Garden at Harkness
Katherine Mann Seaside Garden
Catherine Radix Mansell Bountiful Beginnings
John  Mansueto Warm Winter Morning
Layne Marholin Who Put the Snowbirds There 
Rosemary C.  Markham P.M. – Portland, Cape Elizabeth Head Light
Joyce Maurice Together Forever
Joyce Maurice Home for the Holidays 
Joyce Maurice Autumn Pleasure
Jane McGraw-Teubner Snow Dunes
Jane McGraw-Teubner Ocean’s Fury
Jane McGraw-Teubner Snowmelt
Jane McGraw-Teubner Chances Are . . .
Joan McPherson Koi
Joan McPherson Clouds Over Monhegan
Joan McPherson Begonias
Joan McPherson Laundry on the Line
Michael Mendel The Long and Lonely Road
Michael Mendel Leo
Michael Mendel Jersey Girls
Judith Meyers Lotus Dance
Judith Meyers Summer Blue
Lisa Miceli Reflection – Class Demo
Barbara Alice Moir Tarbat Ness Lighthouse
Barbara Alice Moir Gray Day on Rigor Hill
Barbara Alice Moir Sussex Barn in Summer
Harold S. Moore Portland Lighthouse
Pamela Morgan Beauty in the Snow
Sara Drought Nebel Halifax Nova Scotia
Sara Drought Nebel Wharf Sunset
Sara Drought Nebel Winter Moon
Dan  Nichols In the Neighborhood
Leif  Nilsson Catboat at Essex
Leif  Nilsson Petronella at Essex
Leif  Nilsson Studio Garden
Jeanne O’Brien Autumn Reflections
Howard Park Easy Sail
Howard Park Vermont Rockpile
Howard Park Stowe Acre
Bob Perkowski Late Afternoon Snow
Judy Perry A New Beginning
Judy Perry Snow Drift
Liane Philpotts Early Season, Clinton Town Beach
Karen Ponelli Snow Over Beach Grasses
Cora Preibis A Winter Walk in the Woods
Cora Preibis Cardinal in Winter
Jan  Prentice Tulip
Catherine   Puccio Clementines
Catherine Puccio Apples and Silver
Catherine Puccio Party Animal
Catherine Puccio The Tugboat
Kelly Leahy Radding Chip’n’Time
Kelly Leahy Radding Sapphire Tree
Richard Raicik Coastal View
Pamela Reese Golden Autumn
Hilde Reichenbach In a Sunny Clime
Hilde Reichenbach Peaches  
Jo Rembish Garden Peonies
Carol Ridgway Hydrangea Bloom
Nina Ritson The Marsh
Janine Robertson Luminous Drift
Janine Robertson Provincial Path
Diana Rogers Tide Heading Out, Sunny Afternoon
Diana Rogers Tide Pool with Morning Light
Diana Rogers Late Evening Light in the Wetlands
Diana Rogers Farm Field with Late Spring Sky
Janet Bogon Romanowski In the Moment
Maryanne Rupp The Quiet Cove
Maryanne Rupp Away from the Crowd
Jeffrey Sabol Whaleboats at Dusk
Nick Salerno Mystic Marsh
Nick Salerno Acadia
Ron  Saporito A Summer’s Eve
Ron  Saporito A Day’s End
Ron  Saporito Ebb Tide
Erica Schillawski Snow Day
Beverly Schirmeier Spring at Maynard Farmstand
Beverly Schirmeier As the Tide Turns
Beverly Schirmeier In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
Matthew Schwager Green Cookie Jar
Kimberly Scoble All in a Row
Patricia Seekamp October Tickling the Marsh
Patricia Seekamp Florence Would be Pleased 
Patricia Seekamp Moonlit Marsh
J. Elaine Senack Northern Cardinal
J. Elaine Senack Vine Ripe
J. Elaine Senack Cherry Trio
Blanche Serban Solar Jazz
Blanche Serban Red Snapdragons
Blanche Serban Church in Old Lyme
Shauna Shane Black Angus Steer
Shauna Shane Cat Boats
Charles Shaw The Slope
Susan  Shaw Sea Dreams
Susan Shaw Primrose
Susan Shaw Getting There
Susan Shaw Evening Serenade
Patricia Shoemaker Breaktime
Patricia Shoemaker Along Mohegan Bluffs
Ken Shuey Autumn Comes to the Bauer Farm
Linda Sinacola Ski Slope
Kathleen Curran Smits Autumn at Meigs
Joseph Soares Love Thy Nest
Bill Sonstrom Grassy Hill Road
Bill Sonstrom Old Lyme Congregational Church
Bill Sonstrom Mystic Christmas
Cheryl Sorensen Shell Collection
Caleb Stone Early Morning Port Clyde
Caleb Stone Sunset Shelburne VT
Caleb Stone Low Tide, Muscungus Bay
Caleb Stone Surf, Even Shore
Mona Stratos Fresh Snow
Mona Stratos Country Walk
Mona Stratos February Thaw
Karen Suponski Garden Shed
Amanda Surveski Bumblebee
Tom Swimm Pigeon Cove
Tom Swimm Comstock in Spring
Tom Swimm Golden Reflections 
Tom Swimm Essex River Reflections
Jennifer Tassmer New England Charm
Jennifer Tassmer Mountain Mist
Susan Termyn Winter Ocean
Beverly Tinklenberg Ready for Fall
Beverly Tinklenberg Winter Rest
Peggy Traskos Before the Rain
Nikki Travaglino Snow Chrome “Where’s Jerry”
Dawn Tyler Yellow House
Dawn Tyler Lady Cardinal
Claudia Van Nes Carini Preserve
Claudia Van Nes Deep River Landing
Claudia Van Nes 4 Tea Cups
Wesley Vietzke Butchart Roses
David K.  Vosburgh Wilcox’s Barn
David K.  Vosburgh Corser’s Corners
Joan Wallace Shallots and Olives
Joan Wallace Close of Day
Melanie Ward Morning Glow
Melanie Watrous Rocky Shore
Melanie Watrous Rose Garden
Rosemary Webber Tomatoes Off the Vine
Rosemary Webber Empires and Cinnamon
Candice Weigle-Spier Ferry Point
Candice Weigle-Spier Art Festival
Steven Wells No Well Noel
Cheri Weymann Victory
Linda Wilkinson Sizes, Shapes, Textures
Linda Wilkinson Still Life on White Background
Kent Winchell Afternoon Breeze
Kent Winchell Winter Stream (Old Lyme)
Pete Wlochowski Barred Owl
Lynn Wrona The Road Home
Lynn Wrona The Carriage Shed
Cean Youngs Nose Tickling Fragrance
Cean Youngs Gala Evenings
Lorraine   Yurkewicz No Swimming
Christopher Zhang Boylston Street, Boston
Susan Zilke Waiting for the Tide
Susan Zilke Newport Gull

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