2022 First Impressions Accepted Works

Thank you for submitting your work! We are excited to feature our Associate Artists in this beautiful show.


  • Do not come to pick up work until FRIDAY, January 14th or after. 
  • We will not be having an opening reception for this exhibition because of the current Covid surge.
  • IF YOUR ACCEPTED WORK IS UNDER GLASS: please send a good photograph of it to Jocelyn at jocelyn@lymeartassociation.org for our online gallery of the show.
  • If you find a typo in your name or title, please email elsbeth@lymeartassociation.org with the correction.

First Impressions Accepted Works List

Artist Title
Sharon Jordan Bahosh Vast Bar Harbor
Mary Anne Miller-Baker The Christmas Barn
Mike Berlinski Summer Path, Avon
Mike Berlinski A Couple of Dudes Hanging Out
Phyllis Bevington Johnsonville Mill
Phyllis Bevington Winter Basket
Dawn Bisharat All Mine
Dawn Bisharat Pretty in Pink
Dawn Bisharat Hammonasset Harmony
John Blair Morning Walk
Carol Boynton Owl’s Head
Carol Boynton Apples
Kay Brigante Entrepeneur
Kay Brigante Best Buds
William Burnham At the Ready
William Burnham Late Autumn Sun
John V. Canale Sentinel
Diane Chandler The Unfurling
JoAnna Chapin Almost Easter
T.A. Charron Beauty in the Garden
Maura Cochran Old Friends
Maura Cochran Grand Marnier and Company
Daniel Dahlstrom White Flower in a Bottle
Chandler Davis Casandra
Kathleen DeMeo Daybreak Lake
Kathleen DeMeo Dusk at Goose Island
Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis Sun Touches on Clouds
Robert Dietz Checking the Pots
Robert Dietz Chesapeake Old Timer
Marilyn Dunphy Flower Pots
Carol Erdman Beach Pass
Alexander Farquharson Storm and Scythe
Carol Frieswick Early Winter
Carol Frieswick Pinks in Blue
Dianne Gorrick Gillette’s Castle Lily Pond
Dianne Gorrick Chester Cove
Dianne Gorrick Tranquil Waters
Michael Greene The Twins
Michael Greene Quambaug Quiet
Aleta Gudelski Hope
Aleta Gudelski Sanctuary
Nancy Bauer Howell Waterfall
Nancy Bauer Howell Italian Hay Balls
Irene Jeruss Endless Seashore
Irene Jeruss The Light that Guides
Susan Jositas Symphony of Pinks
Keiko Kaiser Be Forgotton
Sandra Karakoosh Temper Tantrum
Deborah Kotchen Rocky
Deborah Kotchen Misty
Pat Kelbaugh Red Sun at Night
Earl Grenville Killeen One Good Turn
Earl Grenville Killeen Self Self Portrait
Earl Grenville Killeen It’s Possible
Henie Kurzman Gathering Storm at Sunset
Lois Lawrence Winter on the Farm
Lois Lawrence Up and Away
Lois Lawrence Shade Garden
Gale Loch Chickens
Paul Loescher Winter at the Wharf
Ariane Luckey Some Gales Come Early
Michael Lynch Lightning
Michael Lynch Sailing Through Bananas
Catherine Radix Mansell Approaching
Joyce Maurice Through the Pines
Brian McClear Two Pear
Brian McClear Loose Ends
Molly McDonald New Morning
Michael Mendel The Outhouse 5
Michael Mendel O’l Doc Watson and the Mick
Lisa Miceli Wall Street Light
Lisa Miceli Vic Emilia
Lisa Miceli New London Light
Lisa Miceli Stone Acres Farm
Susan Missel Vermont Stream
Susan Missel Stonington Surf
Susan Missel Pitcher and Spoon
Pamela Morgan Into the Woods
Pamela Morgan Dandies in the Garden
Sean Murtha Moonrise on the Millpond
Sean Murtha Coffee Cluth
Jeanne O’Brien Maine Lobster Boats
Debra Paulson Calm Before
Jane Penfield Torch Song
Jane Penfield Sneak Peek
Andi Pepper Hydrangeas and Perfume Bottle
Patrice Petricone Pandemic Portrait #2
Patrice Petricone Interior
Karen Ponelli What Once Was
Karen Ponelli Woodland Crocus
Karen Ponelli Gold Cloud
Catherine Puccio Room with a View
Catherine Puccio Northlight
Catherine Puccio Christmas Eve, Sunrise
Catherine Puccio Model of Grace
Catherine Raynes Country Day
Catherine Raynes Covered Bridge
Pamela Reese Mountain Snow Squall
Hilde Reichenbach Summer’s Bounty
Hilde Reichenbach Summer’s Blossom
Jo Rembish Rainy Day People
Nina Ritson Grapevines
Diana Rogers Fresh Snow on the Road, Night Time
Diana Rogers Nearing the Solstice at the Ocean’s Edge
Diana Rogers Windy Day on the Cove
Diana Rogers Solstice Arrives on the Marsh
Sylvina Rollins Bovine Sun Worshipers
J. Bogon Romanowski …….!
J. Bogon Romanowski The Voice I hear
Jeffrey Sabol No’Easter
Nick Salerno Turn in the Road
J. Elaine Senack B is for Blue-(Blue Jay)
J. Elaine Senack Tufted Titmouse
J. Elaine Senack Sunrise Flight
Blanche Serban On the Main Street
Blanche Serban On the Wind
Charles I. Shaw Afternoon Walk
Charles I. Shaw Ridge
Charles I. Shaw Ridge View
Charles I. Shaw Once Was
Susan Shaw Suffusion of Trees
Susan Shaw Tranquility
Patricia Shoemaker Opening Sky after Rain
Patricia Shoemaker Pond Lilies
Patricia Shoemaker Chaffinch Marsh
Patricia Shoemaker Breakfast Table
Linda Sinacola The Homestead Winter
Linda Sinacola Monhegan View
Allan Forrest Small Queen Anne’s Lace
Allan Forrest Small April is the Cruellest Month
Joseph Soares Pie Time
Lucia Sokol Glorious Garden
Lucia Sokol Marshland, SE CT
Bill Sonstrom Start of Spring
Bill Sonstrom Late Afternoon
Bill Sonstrom Basking in the Sun
Bill Sonstrom After the Snowstorm
Jennifer Tassmer Maple Sugaring
Jennifer Tassmer Winter Harbor
Jennifer Tassmer Misty Harbor
Beverly Tinklenberg Old Blue
Beverly Tinklenberg Autumn Door
Patricia Trapp Niagra Mist
Patricia Trapp Low Tide
Peggy Traskos Spring Suprise
Dawn Tyler Crafts Market
Wesley Vietze Wisley Again
Melanie Ward Gentle Wave
Melanie Ward Salt Marsh
Rosemary Webber No Flies on Me
Rosemary Webber Fragrant Peppers
Cheri Weymann So Still
C.P. White Teddy at Two
Linda Wilkinson Pears and Peppers
Linda Wilkinson After Zorn
Garnet Wrigley Field at Rest-Preston
Garnet Wrigley Warm Sand Hammonasset
Garnet Wrigley High Tide Hammonasset
Lynn Wrona Bar Harbor Inlet
Lorraine Yurkewicz Isabella

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