About Our Executive Team

The Lyme Art Association is led by an Executive Team: Gary Parrington, Director of Development, Laurie Pavlos, Business Manager, and Jocelyn Zallinger, Gallery Manager.  The Executive Team works closely with the Executive Committee which is comprised of the officers of the Board of Directors.

From left to right: Laurie Pavlos, Business Manager; Gary Parrington, Director of Development; and Jocelyn Zallinger, Gallery Manager.

This Executive Team concept evolved as we organized ourselves to search for a new Executive Director in 2014. The Executive Team began to meet with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors on a bi-weekly basis and was invited to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors so that there was complete coordination of Board direction, fiscal responsibilities, and operations. This Executive Team is an enormous success that has made LAA more economical in its operation while maintaining high standards of performance. We have, therefore, suspended our search for an Executive Director.


If you have not already met Gary, Laurie, or Jocelyn, please stop by LAA at any time for a brief chat. If you are not sure which of them to approach for a particular question, you can speak to any of them; they work closely together and will find the right person to help you.



Katherine Simmons

Lyme Art Association Board President

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