Accepted Works Four Acts 2019

First Last Title
Jude Abbe St Peter Festival
Jude Abbe Back Alley
Ralph Acosta Beaver Tail Lighthouse
Ralph Acosta Flying By
Ralph Acosta Solitude
Ralph Acosta Freeport L.I.
Thomas Adkins Winter Marsh at Sunset
Thomas Adkins Golden Rod Fields
Valerie Andrews “Smokie”
Valerie Andrews Moonlight Race
Alexander Anisimov LoLo
Alexander Anisimov Home of Cottontail
Constance Ayars Blue Lady
Constance Ayars Harem Lady
Del-Bourree Bach Sound Barrier
Del-Bourree Bach Clam Man
Del-Bourree Bach High Up
Necla Balasaygun Lily Pads
Patt Baldino Three of a Kind
Patt Baldino Bull Dog
Patt Baldino Long Wing Green Butterfly
Joann A. Ballinger Kids will be Kids
Joann A. Ballinger Mary
Laura Barr Water + Linen 1
Betsy Barry Salmon
Betsy Barry Cod
Serena Bates My Precious
Serena Bates Scapegoat
Serena Bates Raku Fired Blue Penguin
Serena Bates Frog Zen
Brenda L Bechtel Papyrus with Elephant Ears ~ Chanticleer
Dawn Bisharat Follow Me
L. Boisvert-DeStefanis Heavenly Koi
Jim Boone Bay Breasted Warblers
Kay R Brigante Invited to Tea
Victoria M. Brodaski Miss Hobbes
Steve Brunetti The Ear of Dionysius
Pam Carlson Yellow Stone
Linda A. Casey Petit Panier
Linda A. Casey Watering Can Blues
Michael Centrella Chicas
Michael Centrella Student
Michael Centrella Modern Dance (4:3 polyrhythm)
Michael Centrella Gray’s Bees
Michael Centrella Austringer
Diane Chandler Preah Khan
JoAnna Chapin The Yellow Bowl
JoAnna Chapin The Heron
JoAnna Chapin The Impala
JoAnna Chapin The Visitor
JoAnna Chapin The Golden Baboon
Judith Chapman Emily
Penelope B. Chittenden Grandeur of Brittany
Donna Colburn Relic
Brian Comforti Leya
Brian Comforti Still Life with Night Sky
Brian Comforti Aruban Landscape
Rosemary Cotnoir Wisdom in Flight
Rosemary Cotnoir Detained
Patricia C Creighton Moroccan Farmer
Teddi Curtiss Serenity
Susanna Del Ponte The Edge
Susanna Del Ponte Serenity
Lisa DeFilippo Lost
Lisa DeFilippo Parkside
Kathleen DeMeo Water’s Edge
Kathleen DeMeo Nantucket Narrows
James M. Dumphy Sierra Mountain Range
Mike Eagle Azul Ventana
Mike Eagle Mazalan Shadows
Mike Eagle Straat
Mike Eagle Fabulous Machinery
Kimberly B Edwards Velodromo
Liz Egan Bedside Table
Linda Elgart Jendaya Conures “IN Love”
Alexander Farquharson Skye Mountains
Sandy Garvin Winter Sky
Donna Gilberto Sundown: Healy, Alaska
Donna Gilberto Peak of Denali
Donna Gilberto Alaskan Vista
Donna Gilberto California Sunset
Deborah Greco Low Tide at Twilight
Hilary Griffin Norcia Rooftops, Italy
Hilary Griffin Before the Quake, Norcia, Italy
Hilary Griffin Old Glory, Morning Glory
Barbara S. Groff Memories of a Friend
Aleta Gudelski Gratitude
Bill  Hanson Laguna Beach Get Away
Karen Israel Dating Game
Karen Israel The Infielders
Karen Israel Wading in Sunshine
Christine  Ivers Summer Breeze, Tucson
Christine  Ivers The High Road, Newtown
Alan James The Lights of Canton Tower
Alan James Beached Boats Amlafi Coast
Alan James A Street in Salzburg
Joe Janiga Fisherman’s House
Jacqueline Jones Last Errand
Sardra Karakoosh Fractured Quilt
Edward Kardys Lobster Boat in Maine
Christine  Karpinski Lightspill
Christine  Karpinski Arrival
Christine  Karpinski Gloaming
Christine  Karpinski Firewater
Christine  Karpinski Marginal Way
Christine  Karpinski Windson
Christine  Karpinski Soft Morning
Pat Kelbaugh All I can do is Draw
Pat Kelbaugh In a World Gone Mad, Again
Pat Kelbaugh The Princess Dress
Eileen Kenny Drones-Eye View
Earl Grenville Killeen Long in the Wattle
Anita Langford California Dreaming
Jim Laurino Raspberries at Karmic Farm
Jim Laurino Barns on Holcomb Hill – Granby
Lois Lawrence Bar Otanitik, Martinique
Sharon Lefebvre Bemused II
Suzanne Lewis Fatty
Suzanne Lewis Frog  
Suzanne Lewis Snowshoe Hare
Werner Liepolt Monarchs
Werner Liepolt Judges
Steve Linde The Farmall
Steve Linde Observing the Queen
Patti Lizotte The Move
Patti Lizotte Blueberries and Bowl
Paul Loescher His Royal Highness
Sarah Stifler Lucas Noon at Noah’s
Sarah Stifler Lucas Bruges Archway
David Madacsi Third Man
David Madacsi Beginning Again
Jim Magner Spring in Venizia
Barbara   Maiser Florida Wilderness
Catherine Radix Mansell Owl in Hiding
Catherine Radix Mansell Clacier Study
Linda McCarthy Pearls of the Sea
Linda McCarthy Storm Passing
Linda McCarthy The Path Not Taken
Brian McClear Chalk and Chambers
Molly McDonald Wind 
Liz McGee Lady Spring
Liz McGee Camouflage
Mary Mellot Simon the Magic Cat
Mary Mellot Blue Moon Bear
Michael Mendel Attitudes
Michael Mendel Island Harbor Market
Amanda Merritt Find the Bee
Amanda Merritt Lady of Books and Song
Judith Meyers Bai de St Jean
Pamela Morgan Fox
Pamela Morgan Blue Heron
Sean Murtha Sierra Nevada Afternoon
Alison Nicholls Moonrise
Dan Nichols Spring Beckons
Dan Nichols Spring Fantasy
Dan Nichols Afternoon at Bonair
Dan Nichols Banyan in Forest
Leif Nilsson Studio Garden
Leif Nilsson Soundview Motel
Robert Oxenhorn Tidal Pool
Howard Park Moonrise Over the Brazos River
Howard Park Los Brazos New Mexico
Judy Perry Energy Squared
Judy Perry Flowing Thru II
Patrice  Petricone Danielle
Liane Philpotts Mandarin China
Anne B Pierson Clear Cuts in Oregon Forest
Anne B Pierson Harding Farmhouse Heatwave
Claudia Post Eastern Cottonwood Tree
Claudia Post View of Big Horn Mts. Wyoming
Deborah Quinn-Munson Dock of the Bay
Deborah Quinn-Munson Calm Tide
Jo Rembish Georgia Peonies
Nina Ritson Long Day at the Fair
Nina Ritson Anstett Farm at Dusk
Janine Robertson Marsh with Rising Clouds
Diana Roberts-Paschall Curious
Michael Rogan Blue Stream
Diana Rogers Cove View Sunny Day
Diana Rogers Nightfall
Diana Rogers Marsh, Deep Shades of Summer
Diana Rogers Orange Marsh and Pink Sky
J. Bogon Romanowski Crossing Paths
J. Bogon Romanowski The Fragile Hour
Barbara Rossitto Chester Al Fresco
Barbara Rossitto Narcissus Hill
Cathy Russell Eastside River Blues
Nick Salerno Volare
Polly Scarvalone Sunset at the Vineyard
Beverly A. Schirmeier Thistle Feast
Beverly A. Schirmeier Grazing in Wyoming
Patricia Seekamp Tulip Farm
Patricia Seekamp River of Muscari, Keukenhof Gardens
J. Elaine Senack Mourning Dove
J. Elaine Senack Tiger Eyes
J. Elaine Senack Bluebird & Cherry Blossoms
J. Elaine Senack Shenandoah National Park
Blanche Serban Daisy
Blanche Serban Jack
Shauna Shane Evening @ UCONN
Shauna Shane Black Face
Shauna Shane Koi
Shauna Shane Peaches
Susan Shaw Aimless Elegance
Susan Shaw Estuary Elegance
Katherine Simmons Winter Song
Katherine Simmons Blue Bayou
Linda Sinacola Hill Town Mill – Italy
Lucia Sokol The Majestic Mt. Fuji
Bill Sonstrom Eastern Connecticut Farm
Bill Sonstrom Purple Sky
Lisa Tellier Loon
Lisa Tellier Winter Meets Spring
Lisa Tellier Boris
Patricia A. Trapp The Climb
John C. Traynor The Wanderer
John C. Traynor Tuscan Morning
Jessica Teti Turgoose Cape May in Summer
Jessica Teti Turgoose Beach in the Caribbean
Jessica Teti Turgoose Best Friends
Jessica Teti Turgoose Jack’s Blanket
Jessica Teti Turgoose Tinker’s Regal Pose
Ann Vaillencourt Vineyard Waking
Ann Vaillencourt Dry Arrangement
Claudia Van Nes 3 1/2 Chickens
Claudia Van Nes Hellebore
Claudia Van Nes Harbor of Refuge
Susan Van Winkle Outfoxed
Susan Van Winkle Sentry Duty
Susan Van Winkle High & Dry
Wesley Vietzke Wisley Roses
Melanie Ward Lily Pond
Rosemary Webber Seibal Warrior, Tikal
Holly Whiting After the Rain (Diptych)
Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink Hope. Women of Kenya
Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink Sweet Swimmers
Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink Happy Flock
Cean Youngs Her Letter

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