Century of Inspiration Accepted Works List

First Last Title
Ralph Acosta The Road to Summer
Thomas Adkins Spring Lily Pond
Thomas Adkins Hot & Humid
Thomas Adkins Lifting Clouds Of October
Christine  Anderson Mull Berry
Alexander Anisimov Morning Light
Del-Bourree Bach Miss Florence’s Colors
Sharon Bahosh Storybook Village
Patt Baldino Heaven Sent Orchid
Joann Ballinger Storytime in Ms. Florence’s Garden
Teri Banas Cool Shadows
Teri Banas Reason to Dance
Richard Bazelow Spring Day Florence Griswold home
Richard Bazelow Still Pond Reflections
Mike Berlinski The Lieutenant River, Early Summer
Phyllis Bevington Serenity
Dawn Bisharat Framboises et pot de crème
John Blair Cayman Carnival
Linda Boisvert-DeStefanis Mist Over Lyme Marsh
Ellie Boyd Writer at Work
Ellie Boyd Tea for One
Jack Broderick Josuha’s Tree
Jack Broderick Summer Shade
Jack Broderick Moonset
William Burnham Homesteading
John Caggiano Eight Bells
John Caggiano River View
John Caggiano Moon Rise on the River
John Canale Buttonwood farm
Joan Carew Main Attraction
Michael Centrella Unloading the Hay
Michael Centrella Lieutenant River
Diane Chandler Gail with Flowers
Diane Chandler Waiting
JoAnna Chapin The White Barns
Kay Clarke Helen’s Mt. Laurel
Maura Cochran Griswold Point Before Mowing
Robin Collins Forever in Bloom
Jane Collins Poppies, France
Carole Constant Twilight Hunt
Patricia Corbett Floral Fantasia
Patricia Corbett Lyme Vista
Sam D’Ambruoso Waiting and Watching
Rick Daskam Monhegan Museum, Strong Light
Margaret Dean Bridge at Gilette Castle
Robert Dietz Passing The Yellow House
Sara Drought Nebel West Wharf Sundown
Sara Drought Nebel Young Turkey
Hollis Dunlap Girl with Lilly
Hollis Dunlap John Deere
Eileen   Eder Spring, Grassy Hill Rd.
Eileen   Eder August Moon
Liz Egan Harkness Park
Angie Falstrom A June Evening
Lorraine Ficara Brilliant Tea Time
Faripour Forouhar Rolling Hills of Farmland
Rose Mary Gates New England on the Rocks
Donna Gilberto Autumn Hilltop, Old Lyme
Linda Gotta Blossoming
Michael Graves Dona’s Farm
Michael Graves Cows in the Pasture
Michael Green The Young Shepard
Dawna Hasara Miss Florence’s Garden
Marianne Holtermann North Guilford, November
Sunil Howlader Friendship
Sunil Howlader Daybreak
Laureen Hylka Wondolowski Farmland
Melissa Imossi Floating
Karen Israel Family Style
Karen Israel The Soft Edge of Summer
Christine D  Ivers Revisiting Calming Waters
Jean-Pierre Jacquet Cainandaiga Farm
Jacqueline Jones Return of the Laurel
Elaine Juska Joseph The Colors of Winter
Randie Kahrl Galloway Gals
Pat Kelbaugh Summer Day
Kathy Kuryla Winter Sunset
Henie Kurzman Limes
Elin Larson Eight Mile River
Jim Laurino Mennonite Farm, – Womelsdorf, PA
Jim Laurino Raspberries Calhoun Hill
Jim Laurino Wheaton Homestead
Lois Lawrence John Lewis
Lois Lawrence Bridge of Flowers
Suzanne Lewis Summer Afternoon
Suzanne Lewis Spring, Tiffany Farm
Stephen Linde Thunderheads
Stephen Linde Gracefully Grazing
Patti Lizotte Pansies in a Bowl
Paul Loescher Hazy Beginnings
Paul Loescher A Vineyard Evening
Sarah Stifler Lucas Sumptuous Summer
Ariane Luckey Seeking Shade
Barbara Lussier Follow Me
Barbara Lussier Pink Cloud
Michael Lynch Lapsleys
Barbara Maiser Misty River Morning
Barbara Maiser Country Life
Catherine Mansell Green Door
Linda Marino Bridge and Boats to Branford Point
Linda McCarthy Parade of the Coneflower
Joan McPherson Miss Florence’s Chimney
Lawrence Mello Regal Beagle
alicia melluzzo Lost in Thought
Michael Mendel God’s Other Acre
Lisa Miceli Light Air
Joseph Miklojcik Everything is Disappearing So Fast
Josette Millar Morning Mist
Josette Millar Canadian Reflection
MaryAnne Miller-Baker Clad in a Green Hue
Jack Montmeat Glimpse of the River
Jack Montmeat Along the Lieutenant
Dave Moore Queen Mary
Thomas Moukawsher Water Street Stonington
Thomas Moukawsher Sound Sunset
Marilee B. Noonan The Vineyard
Jeanne OBrien Cascade Of Peonies
Jeanne OBrien Springtime at Tiffany Farm
Robert Oxenhorn Moor’s Sawmill
Margo Packer Salt Marsh
Maureeb Page Waiting
Howard Park Barn Island
Howard Park Unloading at Stonington Town Docks
Linda Peduzzi Profusion
Jane Penfield Star Island Morning
Judy Perry Perry Bright Beginning
Liane Philpotts Artistic Viewpoint
Liane Philpotts Who Let the Cows Out?
Anne Pierson Laurel’s River View
Karen Ponelli Natures Impressions
Cora Preibis Hydrangea in Copper Pot
Catherine Puccio Miss Flo’s Garden
Richard Raicik Tribute to the Masters
Catherine Raynes Red Roof
Elizabeth Rhoades Having Faith
Nina Ritson Tree on Day Street
Janine Robertson Along the River
Janine Robertson Meadow Grass
Diana Rogers River’s Bend with Late Afternoon Sky
Barbara Rossitto Golden Glow Salt Marsh
Nick Salerno Mystic River from Mason’s Island
Ron Saporito Evening at the Shoreline
Erica Schillawski Grazing
Beverly Schirmeier Breakfast at Tiffanys
Beverly Schirmeier Grassy Hill Meadows
Matthew Schwager Mediterranean Still Life
Neil Scollan Along the lake
Patricia Seekamp Path Under the Laurel
Patricia Seekamp Plein Air Critics at Tiffany Farm
Blanche Serban Griswold Point Road
Shauna  Shane Waiting
Susan Shaw Twilight Woods
Patricia Shoemaker Cloud Reflections
Linda Sinacola White Peonies
Linda Sinacola Early Snow
Lucia Sokol Horsing Around in Blizzard
Lucia Sokol Sunset in Stonington Harbor
Bill Sonstrom The Florence Griswold House
Mona Stratos Red Sky
Shawn Sullivan Long Shadows
Karen Suponski Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Diana Suttenfield Nocturne
Len Swec Lunch at Cafe Flo
Susan Termyn Spring, Old Lyme 
Beverly Tinklenberg To Grandmother’s House
John Traynor Spring in Lyme, CT
Jessica Turgoose Meadow Muse
Claudia Van Nes Laurel
Susan Van Winkle Dust Bunny
Jac Venza The Marsh at Migration
Wesley Vietzke Bleeding hearts at Florence Griswold
Wesley Vietzke Church at Old Lyme 2021
David Vosburgh “Off Rt. 7”
Joan Wallace Two Sheep in a Field
Melanie Ward Spring Impressions
Rosemary Webber Tiffany Farms
Steven Wells Gildersleeve’s Well
Cheri Weymann Velvet
Cean Youngs Gentle Spirit
Cean Youngs Old Lyme Hillside
Cean Youngs Drifting
Lorraine Yurkewicz North Cove Early Summer
Christopher Zhang Rainy Evening
Christopher Zhang Tibetan Boy
Vivian Zoe X Marks the Spot
  • This year the Lyme Art Association is celebrating the 100th anniversary of our historic gallery. We are asking young artists to look back at the work of the original art colony for inspiration. Landscapes, gardens, mountain laurels in bloom, bridges, rivers, porch scenes, portraits … these would all be great subjects for this show! We invite all young artists ages 5 to 18 to participate in this exciting exhibit. Learn more and download the entry form.


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