expressive skies in Oil and Watercolor at 5:30 pm

Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
Mondays, September 12 - October 17, 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Fee: $300 for six weeks
Howard Park, "Morgan Point Light", oil
Lisa Miceli, "Wall Street Light", watercolor, 10x13
Lisa Miceli, "Wall Street Light", watercolor

Skies are one of the most beautiful elements of nature that are often a source of inspiration for artists. Skies are often the most abstract part of a landscape, so in this class we will show you how to have fun conveying skies with energy and drama using big brushstrokes applied with freedom. We want to help you convey the mood and atmosphere in your sky in a convincing way.

A common mistake in painting land and seascapes is leaving the sky as an afterthought, and not developing it as a critical part of the composition. The sky needs to be painted in connection with the rest of the painting to achieve a convincing result in color, brushwork, tone and composition. 

In this class we will help you to think about how you want to depict the sky at the beginning of your painting to achieve a strong sense of atmosphere and light, and how to avoid over-working your sky.  We will teach you to see the varied colors in the sky, how to mix convincing sky colors, and avoid using pure colors as the sky is rarely pure blue and the clouds are rarely pure white.

This class will include demos in both oil and watercolor to illustrate the process of creating light and atmosphere in the sky, depicting the dome of the sky, and painting the sky with an economy of brushwork.

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Price: $ 300.00
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