Speed Painting Seascapes in Oil and Watercolor

Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
Mondays, January 9 - February 13, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Fees: $325
Howard Park, "Morgan Point Light", oil

The sea is a source of inspiration and a challenge for artists attempting to convey its beauty, vastness, and changeable nature.  Painting seascapes can be a difficult subject to master because of the constantly changing water and weather conditions.  However, it is for this reason that seascapes are an endlessly interesting subject to work from.

In this workshop we will teach you to paint seascapes with greater freedom, looseness of brush or palette knife work, and to emphasize the quality of light, and how sky and water reflect and influence each other. Each week we will focus on a different exercise to help you abstract out your seascapes and achieve a greater freedom in your painting.

Through demos and instruction in both oil and watercolor, you will learn how to pick out the most important values and colors you observe, to see the great variety of colors and values in the sea and sky, and convey these with an economy of brushwork. To convey convincing boats in your seascape, we will help you learn how to place a boat so is floating in the water, to make its scale proper for the painting, and where to place it within the painting for a dynamic effect.

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Price: $ 325.00
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