Beginning Oil Painting

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Beginning Oil Painting
Randie Kahrl
Tuesdays, 9am-12pm, February 28 - April 4
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This course is designed for the true beginner who has had little or no experience with oil paints. By setting up two or three simple still lifes over the course of 6 weeks, this course will teach the fundamentals of composition and design. We will also discuss and try out many of the different materials available to the oil painter, which can be so confusing to the beginner.

 We will explore and begin to understand color harmony, values, underpainting, simplifying and massing. The language of painting will be taught in the form of paint manipulation, atmosphere, edge variations and the illusion of light, form, space and depth.

 But mostly this course is about having fun in a non-intimidating atmosphere to introduce the beginner to the wonderful world of art and oil painting.

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