Composition, Color and Creativity in Oil and Watercolor

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Composition, Color and Creativity in Oil and Watercolor
Howard Park and Lisa Miceli
Two options! Monday afternoons, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, or evenings 5:30 - 8:30 pm, January 10 - February 21, no class Valentines day
$300 for 6 classes

A strong composition invites the viewer to explore a painting long enough to appreciate the interesting elements that you, the artist, brought to the painting. Adding color, which stimulates the brain and evokes a variety of emotions in your viewer, can bring you to a higher level of creativity which is the soul of your painting. Creativity is the energy that flows from the painter to the painting, which in turn is experienced by the viewer and can make a work of art transcendent.

This course will focus on helping students to foster their creativity as painters by helping them to plan their scene, understand what they want to convey to the viewer, and how to develop a compelling composition with a strong color sense. Through the process of observing demos in two different mediums by two instructors, students can learn how composition and color can be developed in both oil and watercolor, and understand how the key elements of design transcend the medium.

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