Contemporary Still Life Painting

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Contemporary Still Life Painting
Eileen Eder
Mondays, 1 - 4 pm, October 28 - December 2
$275 for 6 classes. To register, contact Eileen at

This semester the focus is on two main themes – developing compelling compositions and learning to see the unifying effect of light. This course will be presented in a formal class structure with a series of lessons to enable students to see color and value better, to improve on their composition, and to work on the quality of their brush strokes. Students will paint quick, one-day paintings for the first 2 classes. During the last 4 classes, we will produce one or two larger still life. This class is recommended for students with painting experience who want to expand on their knowledge and skills, and who enjoy the energy generated by working within a group. Weekly homework will be assigned because it speeds up the learning curve considerably. Students will notice their work improving steadily.

This class is intended for intermediate to advanced students.

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