Figure Painting Workshop with Hollis Dunlap

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Figure Painting Workshop
Hollis Dunlap
Monday - Friday, August 3 - 7
$800 for members, $850 for nonmembers ($150 deposit)

Join us for a 5 day oil painting workshop where we will paint from live models and long poses. We will focus on creating beautiful realist paintings by looking at form, color, light effects, proportions, edges, and various methods of paint application. In addition to focusing on these aspects of realist painting, students will also be encouraged to experiment with color and paint application, as well as other elements of contemporary painting styles. We will also study the way that master painters use anatomy, model form, and make color choices, in order to apply those ideas to our own work. We will focus on building a sense of form from simple shapes first, to create accurate proportion and value before small details are added. Basic geometric shapes will be used to describe forms of the human body to give students more confidence and understanding in painting directly from the model. Poses will be 12 to 18 hours in length. Students are welcome to do several quicker sketches, or focus on 2 or 3 more detailed works. Over the course of the week the instructor will paint along with the group to demonstrate ways of refining the painting, and how to work through the various stages of the painting process.

Suitable for all levels as long as you have some experience with oil paints.

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