Interpreting the Landscape with Neal Hughes

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Plein Air Landscape
Neal Hughes
Monday through Thursday, July 27 - 30
$650 for members, $700 for nonmembers
Neal Hughes, Mim's Creek, oil

Neal Hughes, Mim’s Creek, oil

This plein air workshop is for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. We will discuss technique and various approaches to the application of the paint as well as the philosophy behind the creation of a work of art. There will be demonstrations each day and students will also have the opportunity to paint while receiving individual suggestions and instruction based on their ability and level of experience.


Topics discussed will include:

  • Why values are important and using value patterns.
  • Composition strategies and creating a focal point.
  • Using color, temperature and other design elements effectively.
  • The importance of edges.
  • Creating a good surface quality.
  • A way to simplify the process to paint quickly.
  • Dealing with changing light.

Painting is a way of interpreting the beauty that surrounds us. Good painters are able to capture the essence of that beauty in a painting. First, we must learn the basics and become proficient in the processes of painting. The goal of this workshop will be to learn to develop the necessary skills to create better paintings and to nurture each student’s unique approach; to help them to learn new ways of working while they develop their own personal interpretation of the landscape.

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