Portrait Drawing and Painting

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Portrait Painting and Drawing
Jack Montmeat
Mondays from 9am-12pm, October 19 - November 23
$270 for 6 classes.
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Please contact Jack directly by emailing jwmontmeat@hotmail.com

Montmeatgirlinred400This class will have two different models for the first two weeks (first week portrait pose, second week figure pose), and then one model in a long figure pose for the next four. Drawing will be the emphasis of the first two weeks, while the last four will be on painting. Students can work on drawing or painting in any of the classes; and will have the option to work full-figure or to focus on the portrait. Techniques such as placement of the subject on the page, getting a likeness, basic anatomy, as well as tips for drawing each feature of the face will be given. Jack will also demonstrate his technique for drawing the subject directly on the canvas, starting the painting, and working in layers. Additional explanations on the materials of painting, as well as strategies for good color mixing will be given. All levels and materials welcome.


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