Short & Long Pose Life Drawing with Jon deMartin

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Workshop: Figure Drawing with Jon deMartin
July 15 - 19, 2019. 10 am - 5 pm
$1000 for members, $1050 for nonmembers

This workshop offers the artist a thorough study of both long and short pose drawing. The long pose will give the student the opportunity to thoroughly study the objectives for each phase of the figure’s development, beginning with the ‘action’ and ending with the ‘modeling of form’.

The first full two days will be devoted to short poses concentrating on specific objectives, which will be reviewed and demonstrated in class. Newsprint will be the preferred paper for the short poses. The remaining three days will be devoted to the long pose, which is designed to allow the student to process and implement the principles learned during the short poses and to model form with values.

The basis of the workshop is to build a solidly constructed three-dimensional figure using line as preparation for the modeling of form with light & shadow. We will endeavor to build a foundation of knowledge so the artist can look for things as opposed to looking at things. The underlying goal is to give artists a deep understanding and appreciation of how line can create three-dimensional volumes in space. This will enhance and strengthen their work whether it is drawing, painting or sculpture.

The instructor will present material in the form of demonstrations and historical references as a practical application to life drawing.

These principles and demonstration drawings can be seen in deMartin’s book ‘Drawing Atelier the figure, how to draw in the classical style’. To see examples of the instructor’s work, go to and Instagram.


Please call the Lyme Art Association at (860) 434-7802 to register.

A non-refundable deposit to hold your place in this workshop is $300.  The balance is due before 5 pm on June 14, 2019.  If the balance (or full payment) is not received by June 9, your space may be forfeited without notification.

If you register on or after June 9, please pay the full amount for the class.  A $300 payment after June 9 does not reserve for you a place in the class.

Once the class is full, you may put your name on a waiting list. 

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