Still Life Painting in Watercolor

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Still Life Painting in Watercolor
Jeanne C Potter
Wednesdays, 9 am-noon, January 8 - February 12
$325 for 6 weeks, lab fee $10
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Please contact Jeanne directly at

Discover how the delicate translucency and speed of watercolor is ideally suited to capturing light, shadows and form of still life arrangements. There will be an emphasis on mastering the watercolor medium by using correct brushwork, water/pigment ratio and the successful application of paint to various watercolor paper surfaces.  Learn how to mix fresh and effective color combinations along with the ability to see value as color.  Study how to capture in watercolor an effective still life painting through careful composition, interpretation of what one sees and the correct application of drawing skills. The course includes instructor demonstrations and group critiques along with viewing paintings of historical and contemporary artists.  Students will also be encouraged to develop their own personal style and painting aesthetic as they further master watercolor techniques for success.


This course is ideal for Intermediate watercolor artists with some prior experience in watercolor and drawing. Please contact Jeanne to register or if you have any questions about this course and/or materials list.


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