Taking Your Plein Air Work To The Next Level

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Finishing Plein Air in the Studio
Harley Bartlett
Thursday afternoons, 1:00 - 4:00 pm, October 7 - November 11
$270 for six sessions
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please contact Harley at harley@bartlettfineart.com

While you are painting on location, you are observing, practicing your technique, and taking in the atmosphere of a setting. Many plein air paintings are considered finished and some artists don’t work on them once done in the field. However, others often opt to refine their work in the studio afterward or make an entirely new painting from the field study. This studio class is where you will learn how to take your plein air painting to the next level.

The first three classes will focus on the developmental aspect of bringing more finish to an outdoor painting. Harley will provide examples of other artists’ work as well as demonstrating with his own. Concepts such as, how to manage leafless trees against the sky or selective softening through glazes and scumbles will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will work on a piece that they have begun prior to the class, on location.

The last three classes will focus on the creation of a new painting based on a plein air painting created previously by the student. This portion of the class will stress the “idea” behind a painting, both technically and esthetically. Students will use either a single piece or several studies or sketches painted at a particular location as the basis for their new studio piece.

This class is for students who have been painting on location and have accumulated several works that need completion or improvement.


To view Harley’s work, visit bartlettfineart.com

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