Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor Painting – Fall

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Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor Painting
Alan James
Mondays, 1 - 4 pm, September 9 - October 14
$260 for 6 weeks
To Register
Contact Alan at or call (860) 395-9493

This six week course will cover the fundamental techniques that make it possible to create a successful watercolor painting. A new painting will be created each week with focus on simple subject matter such as landscapes, seascapes, and still life.




The class will cover:

  • basic composition
  • application of washes, wet in wet, glazing and dry brush techniques
  • how to exploit the natural flow of water and discover the secrets that make it work its magic like no other medium can!
  • how to let the water guide you while overcoming the urge to control every brush stroke
  • the meaning of less is more

Please come prepared with all materials in materials list.

Feel free to contact Alan with any questions: (860) 395-9493 or




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