Deck the Walls 2020 Accepted Works

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Drop off appointments are available between 10:15 – 4:45, November 20, 21, 22.

Thank you for being patient with yourself and with us while using our online submission process. One nice thing is that you do not have to fill out inventory sheets or tags! Any changes to the information that you submitted (e.g., new price, new title for the piece) can be made when you drop off.


Last First Title
Acosta Ralph Egret
Acosta Ralph Evening Marsh
Acosta Ralph Misty Morning
Adams Lynne Oxbow Sunset
Adkins Thomas Bridgewater Land Preserve
Adkins Thomas Winter Stream
Bach Del-Bourree By the Woods
Bach Del-Bourree Early Morning
Baldino Patt Christmas Tree
Baldino Patt Summertime
Barry Betsy Sea Wreath
Bates Serena Scapegoat
Bates Serena ZhenZhen
Bikbov Zufar December Night at Farm
Bikbov Zufar The Sky over New England
Bisharat Dawn A Winter Moment
Bisharat Dawn Milk and Cookies
Bogan Terry Red Pepper Soup
Bogan Terry Zinnia Dance
Boisvert-DeStefanis Linda Lyme Marsh
Brigante Kay Quiet Footsteps
Brigante Kay Steam Trains at Christmas
Canale John Acadia Autumn
Carew Joan Pleasant Barnyard
Carlson Pamela Pastel Summer Day
Carlson Pamela So Dawns The Day
Centrella Michael Farmington Factory Town
Centrella Michael Winter Gothic
Clarkson Katherine Backyard with Zinnias
Cochran Maura Coleus Cuttings
Cochran Maura Ely Ferry, May 2nd
Coffey Anne Snowbound
Corbett Patricia An American in Paris
Corbett Patricia Backyard Bliss
Corbett Patricia In the Lane
Critchett Jane Decked Out
Critchett Jane Winter Wonderland
Daskam Rick Winter Stream Sun Glare
Davis Anthony Summer Dreams
Dean Margaret Azalea Composition
Dean Margaret Organic Radishes
DeMeo Kathleen Northern Exposure
DeMeo Kathleen Swallows over Goose Island
DeSomma Mally Illuminata
DeSomma Mally Mirror Mirror
DeSomma Mally Temptations
Dewell Paula Watching
Dimuro Dana Lovely Peonies
Dimuro Dana Vermont Apples
Dunn Carol Before Social Distancing
Dunn Carol Late Winter
Dunn Carol Snowfall
Egan Liz Farm Market Fare
Egan Liz Under the Baldwin Bridge
Falstrom Angie Out to Pasture
Forouhar Faripour Sunset at Cripple Creek Cove
Forouhar Faripour At the Top of Grand Targhee
Frieswick Carol Fall Treats
Frieswick Carol Mandarins
Gorrick Dianne Goodspeed Opera House
Greco Deborah Where’s Clark
Green Jean Asian Pear
Green Jean Harvest Hues
Hall Luther Morning on the Shetucket
Hall Luther Rising Trout on the Shetucket
Hanson Bill First Dusting
Hanson Bill Winter Shipping
Hartman Daryl Warm Thoughts
Hurley Ellen Fragile Beauty
Hurley Ellen Peony Treat
Israel Karen Down Below Zero
Israel Karen National Treasure
Ivers Christine Don’t Fence me in
Ivers Christine The Color of Grass
Ivers Christine The Color of Snow
Jeruss Irene Light over the Saratoga Passage
Jeruss Irene Pacific Northwest Solitude
Jones Jacqueline Morning on the Lieutenant
Kahrl Randie Dusky Solitude
Kahrl Randie Summer Memories
Kelbaugh Pat One Summer Night
Kelbaugh Pat Fascinator
Kurzman Henie Jerry’s Bird
Langford Anita Carefree
Langford Anita Winter Parler
Laurino Jim First Snow Old Apple Tree
Laurino Jim Knox Road Farmhouse at Dusk
Laurino Jim Tapping Reeve Wreath
Lawrence Lois Golden Shoreline
Lawrence Lois Vineyard Massifdes Maures France
Lewis Suzanne Copper Kettle
Liepolt Werner Tenugi Apple 3
Linde Stephen Amish Twilight
Linde Stephen Patiently Waiting
Linde Stephen Peaceful Moment
Linehan Lisa Interior View
Linehan Lisa Still Life with Peppers
Linehan Lisa Wood End Light Provincetown
Lizotte Patti Nest and Tin
Lizotte Patti Sliced Bread
Lucas Sarah Stifler Afternoon Vignett
Luckey Ariane Grey Dreams
Mann Katherine June in the Garden at Harkness
Marholin Elayne Off Wharf 3
Marholin Elayne Summer Rentals
Matthew Jill Beecher Bunratty Cottage
Matthew Jill Beecher Marshmallows on Bloom
Matthew Jill Beecher Poppies Fenwick
McGraw-Teubner Jane Marsh Autumn
McGraw-Teubner jane Snow Blues
Melluzzo Alicia Sprouted Onion
Meyers Judith Autumn Glory
Meyers Judith Summers End
Miceli Lisa Returning Jones Boat Yard
Miceli Lisa Winter Light
Morange Richard-Alders Late Light
Morgan Pamela Chickadee with Magonlias
Morgan Pamela Pileated
Morgan Pamela White Iris and Apples
Murtha Sean Cutting Shadows
Murtha Sean Listening for Whipoorwill
Nastri Violet East Beach Marsh
Nastri Violet Old Barn at Tiffany Farm
Nastri Violet Old Dock at Reynolds Marine
Nebel Sara Drought Dune Light
Nilsson Leif Bee Balm Garden
Nilsson Leif Essex Mooring Fields
Park Howard Beating to Latimer
Park Howard Through the Trees
Pepper Andi Ann’s Flowers 1
Perkowski Bob Holly and Creamer
Perkowski Bob Lobster on the House
Perry Judy Fall Preview
Perry Judy We Meet Again 2
Petricone Patrice Autumn
Philpotts Liane Mandarin Tea
Philpotts Liane Peel and Slice
Prebis Cora Winter Coming
Preibis Cora Purple Bells
Radding Kelly Glow
Radding Kelly Sparkle
Radding Kelly Tea with Me
Radding Kelly Winterblaze
Raicik Richard Dry Dock at Sunset
Ritson Nina Early Snow
Robertson Janine Distant Hill
Robertson Janine Red Apples
Robertson Janine Woodland Trail
Rogers Diana Tidal Spring Palette
Rossitto Barbara Colors of the Winter Marsh
Rossitto Barbara Three Red barns
Salerno Nick Deep Winter
Saporito Ron Evening Tide
Saporito Ron The Gulls Way
Schirmeier Beverly Brinton Barn
Schirmeier Beverly Reflections of Nana’s Kitchen
Schirmeier Beverly Solitude by the Pond
Schirmeier Beverly Winter Thaw
Scoble Kimberly Breaker
Scoble Kimberly Dune Shadows
Scoble Kimberly Ocean Tumult
Scollan Neil Welcoming Wood
Seekamp Patricia Winter Moon
Seekamp Patricia Glow of the Evening
Seekamp Patricia Meadow of Gold
Seekamp Patricia New England Autumn
Seekamp William Winter Harmony
Senack J Elaine Parakeet
Senack J Elaine Fruit Mandala
Senack J Elaine Mallard Duck
Senack J Elaine Perched
Serban Blanche Ready Set Slide
Serban Blanche Seas the Day
Shane Shauna UCONN Girls
Shane Shauna Belgians
Shane Shauna Lamb
Shane Shauna Reflections
Shaw Susan Dancing with Hydrangias
Shaw Susan Lunchtime
SheaRea Janet Waiting for a Wave
Skelskey-Chapin Lorraine Golden Marsh
Skelskey-Chapin Lorraine True Blues
Sorensen Cheryl Oreos are the best because…’
Sorensen Cheryl Reflections
Staiger Bivenne Strutting Egret
Surveski Amanda Barred Owl Study
Surveski Amanda Heron
Tassmer Jennifer Catnap
Tassmer Jennifer Moonlit Water
Tassmer Jennifer Souls Retreat
Tassmer Jennifer Winter Shadows
Termyn Susan Winter Fruit
Tinklenberg Beverly Berry Bush
Tinklenberg Beverly Late Mail
Tinklenberg Beverly Poinsettia
Tinklenberg Beverly Winter Brook
Turgoose Jessica Beach Stories
Van Winkle Susan Courtship
Van Winkle Susan Hazel
Van Winkle Susan Storm Warning
VanNes Claudia Summer in a Can
Wallace Joan Antique Watering Can with Mandarins
Zilke Susan Bed Head

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