Four Acts Accepted Works

Thank you all for submitting so much amazing artwork! These works have been accepted to Four Acts. If your accepted artwork is framed under glass, please send a high resolution jpeg to If you find an error in spelling or price, please email Laurie at

After checking both this list and the Art Market list, please pick up unselected artwork on or after Friday, March 9th.

The opening reception is 3/18/18, from 2-4pm.

If you would like to volunteer during the opening, please contact Jocelyn.

First Last Title
Ralph Acosta Old Wrangler
Ralph Acosta Still Have a Purpose
Thomas Adkins Winter’s Dancing Shadows
Thomas Adkins Country Road Thaw
Thomas Adkins View From Horn Hill -Monhegan
Michael Angelis Kingdom III
Alexander Anisimov Life’s Angle
Gayle Asher Wet Day in Vermont
Gayle Asher New England Street Scene
Carlos Ayala Love Mother Nature
Necla Balasayoun Ready for Salad
Joann Ballinger To the Higher Garden
Susan Barocas Roses and Roses
Serena Bates White Rabbit 
Serena Bates Penguin Play
Serena Bates Paradise Lost
Serena Bates Shoofly
Terry Bogan Terry’s Table
Jim Boone Daisy on the Fence
Judson Brown Daily Choices
John Canale Portrait of Saint Padre Pio
Linda Casey Pommes Rouges
Linda Casey Artist’s Easel
Michael Casey Sleeping Dog Lie/3
Diane Chandler Dancer Resting
Joanna Chapin Anika
Joanna Chapin Lemons
Joanna Chapin The Congregation
Joanna Chapin The Egret
Joanna Chapin Fresh Kill
Brain Comforti Two Young Women in a Coffee Shop
Brain Comforti Basket of Apples
Brain Comforti Still Life of Bananas
Brian Comforti Portrait of a Young Woman
Brian Comforti Portrait of a Young Man
Brian Comforti Self Portrait
Patricia Louise Corbett Carolyn
Bevan Crighton Stalker
Rick Daskam Morning, Monhegan Lighthouse
Chandler Davis Of Plants and Animals
Lisa DeFilippo Gwen
Dana DiMuro Marie in Teal
Dana DiMuro Vase with Clemantines
Dana DiMuro Purple Hyacinth
Ken Dorros Maya’s World
Ken Dorros Hilltop (Monhegan Island)
Ken Dorros Wyeth House (Monhegan Island)
Ken Dorros Midnight Snack
Hollis Dunlap Man with Guitar
Mike Eagle El Portal
Mike Eagle From Manisses Block I
Terry Eddy Nude Model
Terry Eddy Floral Still Life
Carole Erdman Gulf Surf
Angie Falstrom Portsmouth in Winter
Alexander Farquharson Orchard House
Alexander Farquharson Pewter Chalice with Fruit
Andrea Fenn Genesis
Andrea Fenn Jo
Andrea Fenn Her Vigilance
Andrea Fenn Blue and White Ginger Jar
Anderson Flanders Drapery
Anderson Flanders The Violinist
Faripour Forouhar Maasai
Faripour Forouhar Roads of Africa
Faripour Forouhar House on the Ocean
Carol  Frieswick Revere Bowl
Donna Gertler Moon Dance
Hilary Griffin Beet Red
Sunil Howlader Old Lyme Farms
Sunil Howlader Advancing
Karen Israel First Blush
Karen Israel Free Rangers
Karen Israel Morning Rush
Karen Israel Top of the Line
Christine Ivers Other Side of the Tracks
Christine Ivers Just You and Me
Jean-Pierre Jacquet Second Bananas
Alan James Nightfall in Chester
Tom Jennerwein Deux Poires
Tom Jennerwein Atwoods Roses
Tom Jennerwein Verre de Cobalt et Fruits
Tom Jennerwein Thomas Oyster Co
Katherine Jennings Study in White
Katherine Jennings Provence Villa
Keiko Kaiser Shadow of Decrepitude
Pat  Kelbaugh Wash Day
Pat Kelbaugh End of the Flood (Tide)
Earl Grenville Killeen Hunkering
Mary Green LaForge Floral Still Life
Isabel Lane Beet Vibe
Isabel Lane Orangey
Jim Laurino Side View – Old Hogan Inn
Jeffrey Leitz Strawberries
Suzanne Lewis Clementines
Suzanne Lewis Statehouse, R.I.
Steve Linde The Lawyer’s Office – Sturbridge
Steve Linde Five O’Clock Shadow
Sarah Stifler Lucas High Tea
James Magner Returning
Brian McClear Apple Peel
Brian McClear Cheryl
Brian McClear Emma
Liz McGee Morning Glories
Liz McGee Sitting Pretty
Mary   Mellot Stories to Tell
Michael Mendel And the Livin’ is Easy
Michael Mendel Cabin Hill Church
Phyllis Meyer The Fisherman
Phyllis Meyer Going Up
Judith Meyers Anticipation
Judith Meyers In Full Bloom
Jack Montmeat Self Portrait at 38
Jack Montmeat Tom
Jack Montmeat The White Vase
Pamela Morgan Carnival Constuem I Venice Italy
Pamela Morgan Underwater Garden
Kim Muller-Thym Dear Dorset
Kim Muller-Thym Go Fish
Sara Drought Nebel Toad
Leif Nilsson Barn Garden
Jeanne O’Brien Osprey’s Catch
Robert Oxenhorn Short Order
Rieta Park Green Grapes
Mark Patnode Early Morning – Upper State Street
Jane Penfield Columba’s Bay Sheep
Andi Pepper White Flowers
Judy Perry Blushing 
Judy Perry Fading Memories
Liane Philpotts Water Ballerina
Liane Philpotts Garlic and Spring Onions
Anne Pierson Inside the Quohog
Joan  Poarch Egret’s Flight
Joan Poarch Bear Necessity
Claudia Post Martin from Argentina
Claudia Post Girls Night Out – 1945
Jan  Prentice Beguiled
Jan Prentice Study: Black-Bellied Plover
Whitney Prentice Miranda I
Catherine Puccio Bulldog Express
Lynda Moretti Regina Lorenzo e Pepe
Nina Ritson Ming
Nina Ritson Looking for Spring
Diana Roberts-Paschall Coleman Bros. Carnival/ Wet Night
Helen Roman Majesty
J. Bogon Romanowski Yours is the Light
Neil Ruenzel Jersey Girls
Jeffrey Sabol Port Clyde Fishing Shack
Nick Salerno Two Heads
Beverly Schirmeier Flower Spray
Beverly Schirmeier Orange Glow
Beverly Schirmeier The Beets Go On
Beverly Schirmeier Soups On
Sharon Schmiedel Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop
Matthew Schwager Reclining Nude
Patricia   Seekamp The Boss
Patricia   Seekamp Three Graces
Patricia Seekamp Curious but Cautious
Elaine Senack Great Blue Heron Preening
Elaine Senack Provider – House Wren
Elaine Senack Hooded Merganser Pair
Blanche Serban Make Green Happen
Shauna Shane Clair
Shauna Shane Vegetarian
Shauna Shane Yellow/Green
Shauna Shane Equine
Shauna Shane Ruler of All He Surveys
Susan Shaw Blue Teapot
Robert Sibold Cheshire Soccer
Allan Forrest Small Faraway Places
Allan Forrest Small December Thaw
Bill Sonstrom Colchester
Bill Sonstrom Baltic
Len Swec Above the Alter, Sagrada Familila
Len Swec Ourem Hilltop
Lisa Tellier Fly with Me
Susan Termyn Invitation to the Beachcomber
Susan Termyn Repair Yard 
Peggy Traskos Talia
Peggy Traskos Pop Art Pig
Ann  Vaillencourt Pals
Claudia Van Nes 3 Beets
Susan Van Winkle Primp and Preen
Susan Van Winkle Mom
Susan Van Winkle Burning Bright
Wesley Vietzke Rockport Courtyard
Wilhelmina Wagnert Pre-Soup
Joan Wallace Still Life with Oranges
Rosemary Webber Fruit, Vase, Pomegranate
Rosemary Webber Daisies, Frog and Roses
Rosemary Webber Uphill View, Noank
Carol Welz Peonies
Holly Whiting Black and White Warbler
Linda Wilkinson Miranda  
Cean Youngs Dusty Memories
Cean Youngs Never Let Go

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