Point of View 2021 Accepted Works


First Name Last Name Title
Ralph Acosta New England Coast
Ralph Acosta Cliffside
Ralph Acosta Fall Glow
Ralph Acosta Blue Water
Thomas Adkins Grazing Among the Lilies
Thomas Adkins Ottauguechee River, Woodstock VT
Thomas Adkins Rigged for Quahogs
Dora Atwater-Millikin Studio Tree
Thomas Adkins Madison River Cedar
Del-Bourree Bach Pit Stop
Del-Bourree Bach Night Work
Del-Bourree Bach Tidal Treasure
Del-Bourree Bach Harvest Moon
Patt Baldino Loving the Music
Patt Baldino Begonias
Patt Baldino Proud Rooster
Patt Baldino Copper Teapot
Joann Ballinger Looking Carefully
Joann Ballinger Nature’s Garden
Harley Bartlett Country Lane
Harley Bartlett Beavertail
Harley Bartlett Light and Shadow
Harley Bartlett Contemplation
Jack Broderick So Sudden
Jack Broderick Respite
Jack Broderick Elena
Jack Broderick Bentley
John Caggiano Summer Dunes
John Caggiano Cherry Point Shrimpers
John Caggiano A Welcome Retreat
Michael Centrella Yuag/Impression
Michael Centrella Winter Blues
Michael Centrella String Theory
Michael Centrella Bird Watching
Judith Chapman June Roses
Margaret Dean Golden Beets
Margaret Dean Sunset Mingo Point
Carol Dunn Love Letters and Ledgers
Carol Dunn Eliza’s Song
Carol Dunn Little Secrets
Mike Eagle Far from the Deep Blue Sea
Mike Eagle The Deck of the Twistah
Mike Eagle Fabulous Machinery
Eileen Eder Amber Glow
Eileen Eder Garage Shelf
Eileen Eder Hello Spring
Eileen Eder Mountain View
Angie Falstrom Tranquility
Faripour Forouhar Whisper
Faripour Forouhar A Line in a Song
Faripour Forouhar A Mystic Place
Faripour Forouhar Glow of the Golden Sun
Sandy Garvin Afterglow
Sandy Garvin Summer Night at Mile Creek
Donna Gilberto House on the Duck River
Donna Gilberto At Rest on Old Black Point
Donna Gilberto Soupy
Donna Gilberto Dock through the Marsh
Michael Graves From the Old Cemetery
Michael Graves Hazy Day
Michael Graves At the Boat Ramp
Jennifer Holmes Afternoon Sojourn
Jennifer Holmes Treasury, St Augustine
Jennifer Holmes Fisherman’s Retreat
Jennifer Holmes Little Dory
Sunil Howlader Memory of Niagara
Sunil Howlader Gyan Mudra
Sunil Howlader Kayak-1
Sunil Howlader Kayak-2
Melissa Imossi Toched by Light
Karen Israel Sound and Fury
Karen Israel A Distant Shore
Karen Israel Trail Blazers
Karen Israel Rock a’ Roil
Christine Ivers Cabmium Orange
Christine Ivers The Morning Stretch
Randie Kahrl Just Peachy
Jackie Jones Last One Standing
Jackie Jones Aside the Sea in Chatham
Jackie Jones By the Lily Pond
Jim Laurino Old Litchfield
Jim Laurino Society Hall
Jim Laurino Summer Lane
Jim Laurino Little White Head
Stephen Linde Woodland Stream
Stephen Linde Snowed In
Stephen Linde Soothing Shadows
Sarah Stifler Lucas Adventure
Sarah Stifler Lucas Decisions
Barbara Lussier Tidelands
Barbara Lussier Saltmarsh
Barbara Lussier Reading in the Garden
James Magner Silver Light
James Magner Rob’s Farm
James Magner Farm Stand
Barbara Maiser Summer’s End
Barbara Maiser Autumn, New England
Barbara Maiser Arabesque
Barbara Maiser Sun Seelkers
Bernie McTigue Cove at Haley Farm
Bernie McTigue Birch Trees Acadia
Bernard McTigue Fall in Lyme
Mary Mellot Portrait of a young Woman
Mary Mellot Soft Gaze
Mary Mellot Karla’s Letter
Mary Mellot Fringe
Jack Montmeat Roses in Blue
Jack Montmeat Still Life with Conch
Leif Nilsson Cherry Tree garden
Leif Nilsson Daffodil Garden
Leif Nilsson Thatchbed Island, Essex
Robert Noreika Plastron and Perch
Robert Noreika Blue Shack
Robert Noreika Orange Pail
Howard Park Knox Preserve Reflection
Howard Park Nellie
Howard Park South Beach Light
Howard Park High Street Farm
Bob Perkowski Tree Farm Nesting Box
Bob Perkowski Fayerweather Dawn
Judy Perry Dawn Breaks
Judy Perry Crescendo
Judy Perry Alluring
Anne Bingham Pierson MD Fishing at Dawn
Anne Bingham Pierson MD Sparting Marsh
Anne Bingham Pierson MD Leaf and Maples
Anne Bingham Pierson MD View from Mercy Center
Elizabeth Rhoades Grazin in the Grass
Elizabeth Rhoades Autumn Looking Glass
Janine Robertson Pommes Rouge
Janine Robertson Release
Janine Robertson Lofty Blue
Janine Robertson Morning Haze
Beverly Schirmeier Welcome Home Roses
Beverly Schirmeier Griswold Point summer Retreat
Beverly Schirmeier Soliloquy
Beverly Schirmeier Florence Griswold in Bloom
Nancy Schroeder Vibrant Marsh
Nancy Schroeder Birdbath
Nancy Schroeder Allen’s Cove
Patricia Seekamp Cliff Dwellers
Patricia Seekamp The Glow of Sunset
Patricia Seekamp Bright Morning
Patricia Seekamp The Red Barn
Shauna Shane Respite
Shauna Shane Flower Bridge
Shauna Shane Branford Coast
Shauna Shane Breakfast
Dennis Sirrine Marsh Migration
Dennis Sirrine Happy Trails 1
Dennis Sirrine Happy Trails 2
Dennis Sirrine Happy Trails 3
Caleb Stone Stone Age
Caleb Stone Winter Light
Caleb Stone Sailing In, Gloucester Harbor
Caleb Stone Island Skiff
Len Swec Mountain Monastery
Len Swec Twilight Solitude
Len Swec On the Castle Stairway
Susan Termyn Arched Bridge, Rockport
Susan Termyn Sunlit Rocks, Gloucester
John Traynor Spider Rock View
John Traynor Apache Country
John Traynor Mule Ride
John Traynor Bright Angel Trail
Nelson White The Poppy Field
Nelson White The Sunflowers
Susan Van Winkle Mother’s Pride
Susan Van Winkle Early Bird
Susan Van Winkle Backseat Driver
Susan Van Winkle Slinky
Shirley Youngs Somewhere Out There
Shirley Youngs Feeling So Far Away
Christopher Zhang Metro North
Christopher Zhang Pipe Smoker
Christopher Zhang Seaport
Christopher Zhang Golden Age

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