Painting a Creature in Pastel

Karen Israel
Saturday, May 13th from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Member $100 ; Non-members: $125
Class Cap:
12 people
Karen Israel, "Francis at Liberty", pastel

This workshop is for painters of all levels. Karen will teach how to create an animal portrait using soft pastels on a sanded surface. Karen will conduct a short demo to show the finishing touches on a work in progress while discussing the following topics:

  • Perspective and proportion of the face/body
  • Design and composition
  • Textures of fur and or feathers
  • Color regarding its temperature bias and value
  • Underpainting approaches

During the workshop, Karen will provide individual instruction as the need arises.

Photo References*:
Please choose photo(s) that are not too blurry and that show areas of light and shadow on the animal’s face and/or body. Working from a grayscale photo is very important (prints, camera and device colors are biased) so whether working from a digital or a hard print, please have a reference(2) in both a color and a greyscale photograph(s). 

*Before the Workshop, students may email Karen at their photos of choice for advice on underpainting approach and best color sanded surface for their painting. 

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Workshop enrollment is at capacity, so registration for this class is closed.

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