Mary Mellot

Angels Wings
Mary Mellot focuses primarily on portrait drawing and oil painting, but has enjoyed creating award-winning work in a range of styles and mediums. Mary earned a degree in painting from the University of Texas, then pursued a career in advertising and illustration. These experiences inspired her to acquire a teaching certification from East Texas University. Mary taught gifted and talented students at Skyline Career Development Center in Dallas, Texas.  Graduate degrees from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, followed, in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology and Art Therapy. 

“Art making provides a vehicle to explore and participate in the creative process. Following a line and the energy it wants to express becomes a personal journey. This life adventure continues to provide a sense of awe and spiritual connectedness to nature, people, and the world. The gift and privilege offers a way to express my personal response and share it with hope, wisdom, humor, and love of life.”

A few highlights and awards include a Four Person Show in Durango, Colorado; Pumas on Parade in Durango, Colorado; The  Marie Moore Award, Best in Show, and Featured Solo Show, and Best in Portraiture Award at the Essex Art Association.

Mary is an Elected Artist, and an active volunteer, teacher, and monitor at the Lyme Art Association.