Would you like to enter a show?

  1. Are you a member in good standing? All our shows are only open to Lyme Art Association members, and two are only open to members who have achieved an advanced membership status. If you are not yet a member, you can join ON RECEIVING DAY and become eligible to enter an all-member show!
  2. Have you read the prospectus carefully? You will find prospectuses on the upcoming exhibitions page, and in your member email prior to the show. Please read carefully to make sure that your piece is suitable for the show’s theme and meets the other requirements.
  3. Have you filled out the Entry Forms? You must fill out an Inventory Form as well as an Exhibition Tag for each piece you are submitting. Our FILLABLE PDFs contain some magic coding to reduce the repetitive typing or writing required, so we encourage you use those, print them at home, and bring them in on receiving day.
  4. Come on Receiving Day with your forms, entry fee payment, and artwork. Check the prospectus for receiving dates and times. 
  5. Wait patiently and then check the website for the accepted works list. The Prospectus will state at what time the Accepted Works List will be posted on the website. For a show that has receiving over a weekend and is juried on Monday, the list is typically posted by 5 pm on Tuesday. However, check the prospectus as this may change.
  6. If you have a piece or pieces that were not on the accepted works list, please wait until at least Friday after receiving before coming to pick up. Installing the show is an all-hands-on-deck operation and helping artists find work or answering phone calls about acceptance will prevent us from having the show ready to open on time. You may pick up on Friday after receiving and after that date, with the exception of during the opening reception.