Throughout the year, Lyme Art Association offers a variety of lectures presented by an excellent caliber of artists and art historians.  Lectures are Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.  During the winter of 2023, we are moving our lectures to Sundays as a part of our new Sunday Matinee Series of programing.  The Sunday Series begins January 29, 2023 at 2 pm.

Suggested donation of $5 for visitors.  

*See below for schedule, times and topics.

December 8 - Artist as illustrator
Presented by mike eagle

Mike Eagle, "Tanglewood", watercolor

Join illustrator Mike Eagle at 7 pm on Thursday, December 8, as he discusses his work, influences and process. Eagle graduated from The Hartford Art School of The University of Hartford with a degree, magna cum laude, in fine art. He enjoyed a long career as a free lance illustrator, creating art for books, magazines and advertising. Since his retirement Mike has concentrated on his first passion, transparent watercolor, and has exhibited regionally and nationally over the past few years. Those exhibitions include The Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society & The International Maritime Art Exhibition at The Maritime Gallery, Mystic, Ct. among many. Mike is a member of The Connecticut Academy of Fine Art, a signature member of the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society and The Society of Illustrators.

December 15 - Artist lecture & Discussion
Presented by tula Telfair

On Thursday, December 15 at 7 pm, join landscape painter Tula Telfair in a lecture and conversation geared towards artists. Speaking on her influences and studio practice, Telfair will discuss her monumental paintings. The format of landscape painting describes an ideal space, a scene that a viewer might step into to escape or explore. Telfair’s large-scale works push the boundaries of this genre by inventing and redefining landscape as a timeless memory.

About Tula Telfair
Tula Telfair is Chair of the Department of Art and Art History at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut where she has taught since 1989 and served as Academic Dean of the Arts and Humanities in addition to receiving the Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Born in Bronxville, NY in 1961, she grew up in Africa, Asia and Europe before settling in the United States. She received her BFA as a W.W. Smith foundation Fellow from Moore College of Art in 1984, and earned an MFA in 1986 as a Graduate Fellow from Syracuse University. She has work in public collections around the world, and has shown extensively in one-person and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad. She is represented by Forum Gallery in New York City.

I explore Wilderness in the form of recalled and imagined landscape in order to acknowledge both its inherent power and remarkable fragility. Statistics indicate that only one quarter of the Earth’s terrestrial surface is covered by wilderness or land areas not significantly modified by human activity. Today, we know that all our activities impact even the most distant regions of this planet, so perhaps Wilderness only exists in our memories or on a canvas.

I spent my formative years living in the jungles that bordered the Ivindo River in Gabon, which is on the Equator in West Central Africa. I used to love listening to my father talk about mapping the Amazon on foot and his other countless challenging explorations of the most remote parts of this planet. Today, I make paintings that archive my responses to the natural world – images that I hope are both familiar and foreign. The remote locations in these invented landscapes are inspired by areas where change is rapidly occurring. My recent work is informed by visits to active volcanoes, locations where tectonic plates meet and earthquakes occur daily, the solitary Arctic and Antarctic regions, and isolated areas in Africa. I am currently doing research on shifting rivers and coastlines and their impact on the edges of the lands they border. Ultimately, I am fascinated by the subjectivity of perception and the power of memory to anchor our place in the world.

As I paint, I try to capture what it felt like moving through a location, recalling how the terrain shifted, how soft or hard it was under my feet, how the sun or wind felt coming into contact with my skin, and the smells and sounds I experienced navigating the area. These vivid yet visceral memories inform the technical decisions I make. Starting with a blank canvas, I work intuitively and the image changes countless times until the piece triggers a Déjà vu experience. The surface of each painting is extremely varied and heavily layered. Some paintings conceal more than 10 different images below the final one. I use a multitude of painting techniques, picking and choosing where and when the paint will be smooth or rough or creamy or thick or thin in order to facilitate a corporal reaction from the viewer. These works appear to be photographs from a distance, but as one approaches – the landscape image dissolves into an abstract, physically varied and fully material surface that also becomes a site for investigation, serving as an archive of my actions and decisions and a record of my intellectual and emotional explorations.

Presented by Wendy Swain

Image: Frederick Law Olmsted

Celebrating the bicentennial birth of Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture and co-designer of New York City’s Central Park.  On January 29, come along for the journey into the life of the first landscape architect in America.  Through slides and historical information, Wendy Swain will bring this amazing Renaissance man to life. Farmer, horticulturist, journalist, abolitionist, park creator, sanitation engineer, gold mine manager, etc., Frederick Law Olmsted dabbled in many careers before becoming proficient in a few.

Lecture is Sunday, January 29 at 2pm.

Upcoming Lectures

TBD - Oversized art
Presenter: Harley Bartlett

TBD - Workshops in Rome
Presenter: Hollis Dunlop

Previous Lectures

Visit our Past Lectures at the LAA to see a listing of previous lecture topics and speakers.  The lectures cover a range of topics including the Artist Process, American Art, Russian Art, Nocturns, the Plein Air art method and more.  

Included is a selection of videotaped lectures presented by our member artists.  Our presenters in the videotaped series include Polly Seip, Jim Laurino, Rick Daskam and Zufar Bikbov.