• Current Exhibition

    An Exhibition in Four Acts

    On view through April 28, 2017

    Click here to view the works online (listed alphabetically by artist)

    A Contemporary Look  - Evolving the representational tradition.

    LAA Faculty  - Work from our instructors.

    Holding Still - Still life works.

    Industrious America  - Celebrating American industry and featuring the man-made landscape.

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  • Donate to our Spring Projects Here!

    You can help to light the way, turn up the volume, and clean up our wetlands! We need you to join other caring donors to raise $11,610 in the next few weeks to accomplish three important projects.

    Help light the way by installing outside lighting in the rear parking lot, and replacing the old, inadequate lights in the front lot! Contribute towards the $8,800 needed and you’ll be helping to create well-illuminated parking lots, and a safer gallery experience at night.

    Turn up the volume! Your donation toward the $1,350 cost to equip the gallery with a proper sound system will ensure you never miss another word during opening receptions, presentations, meetings, and other special events.

    Clean up our wetlands! If you can contribute toward the $1,460 cost, we can remove weeds, poison ivy, renegade saplings, and overgrowth, without disturbing the natural wetland vegetation.

    Your donation toward these projects will benefit everyone who visits our gallery and grounds. Please contribute or pledge whatever you can.

    How much we can accomplish is up to you!

    Donate to our Spring Projects Here!


    Thank You to all the Art Supply Expo Vendors, Participants, and Volunteers! More than 350 attended! 

    For more information on the event and exhibitors, click here 
    If you missed it, watch for the 2nd Annual Art Supply Expo in 2018!

  • "It is the ideal gallery . . . . Greater appropriateness, beauty of proportions and refinement of taste hardly could be found . . . . Truly an artist's gallery, built for and by and with artists."

    The New York Times Book Review and Magazine, August 14, 1921.

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