Annual Meeting

The Annual LAA Membership Meeting is October 11, 2023, 5pm at the Lyme Art Association.  Refreshments will be served at 5:00 pm.

We will be reviewing the past year’s activities here at the Lyme Art Association and will also be voting on bylaws amendments, the Board of Directors slate, and a proposed life member.

Open the Annual Meeting Packet for information on the meeting details.  The following items are included in the packet: 

  • 2023 Annual Membership Meeting Agenda
  • Board of Directors Slate
  • Proposed Bylaws Amendments
  • Proxy Authorization form. If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, Lyme Art Association Bylaws allows you to authorize another eligible voting member (Elected Artist or current Board member) to cast your votes. Please be sure to gain the agreement of your proxy holder to cast your votes. This is very important – an eligible voting member may hold no more than two proxy votes, and proxy holders must be aware of whose proxies they hold. Return your completed Proxy Authorization form to Lyme Art Association, preferably by Monday, October 9, but by no later than 5:00 pm on October 11.

Please Note: Only voting members whose dues are current are eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting and to vote on the new candidates for Elected Artist status. If you have any questions about your dues, please contact the office. You may renew at the gallery, call us at (860) 434-7802, or renew online at

Annual Meeting Packet