How your contributions can help

Annual Fund: Supports exhibitions and programming

Second Century Capital Campaign: Supports special project to renovate and restore our historic building.

Planned Giving: You can leave a legacy that supports representational art.

Annual Fund

Through the Annual Fund, your generosity and ongoing support make it possible to inspire and educate in so many ways:

  • Keep the gallery open year-round, free of charge
  • Plan a robust schedule of art classes, workshops, and lectures
  • Ensure a strong future for the Lyme Art Association, our vibrant center for representational art founded more than one hundred years ago by the artists of the Lyme Art Colony

We are so grateful that you believe in the value of this very special place where art engages us and enriches our lives.

Second Century Capital Campaign

As we proudly celebrate the first hundred years of the Lyme Art Association gallery, we continue the work towards equipping the building for its second century of serving our community of artists and art lovers.

This year we are focused the next phase of the Second Century campaign; replacing the skylights with new, insulated units, insulating the floor of the attic, and installing insulated laylights above the ceiling. This will stabilize the environment, making energy efficient heating and cooling a reality.

LAA attic skylights and laylights

Skylight project funding progress!

Progress toward fully funding the skylights and laylights 80%

Planned Giving

Your Legacy of Art

Have you considered a legacy gift for the Lyme Art Association in your estate planning? Whatever your stage in life, planned giving can benefit you and your loved ones while supporting this wonderful community of artists and art-lovers for generations to come.

Bequests, charitable trusts and gift annuities, IRAs, retirement plans, and life insurance are just some of your options for leaving a legacy that continues the tradition of representational art in Old Lyme. 

You may also make it known to family and friends that you wish them to make memorial gifts in your name to the Lyme Art Association after your death. 

Executive Director Elsbeth Dowd is always available to confidentially discuss your plans with you and your advisors. We are deeply appreciative of your lasting support.