Springtime Sketchbook to Painting

Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
Mondays, April 22 – June 3 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm; (No Class: May 27)
Class Cap:
12 people

Sketching is an essential way to build a dynamic painting through developing pleasing composition and value before you apply paint to your canvas or to paper. In this class you will learn to apply your sketches to completing a finished painting each class. Sketching is the place where the design element of your painting can easily be changed to help you to develop confidence as you approach your “final” painting. These sketchbook images have a unique quality and immediacy, and are offer wonderful ideas for future paintings as well.

In this class we will teach you to start with small thumbnail sketches in a sketchbook, then increase the size of your sketches, and find the proper format for your painting surface, and how to apply color and value to these images. You will learn to develop a strong composition in your sketches to apply to your finished paintings and we anticipate you will complete a finished painting each class.

Sketches can done in pencil, pen, charcoal, ink and watercolor, and/or ink and acrylic. Sketches can be done from your own photographic images or from images you have sketched outside during the week. We will practice some sketching outside, weather permitting, to be used for paintings you will complete in the studio each class.

Materials include sketchbooks no smaller than 6×8.” Multimedia sketchbooks are best. Pencils, pens, markers, charcoal, waterproof ink pen, and watercolor or acrylic brushes and paints. While we recommend tube paints, you can bring pan paints as well.

For your finished paintings, bring your favorite medium and supplies, canvases or boards, watercolor paper, backboards if needed, watercolor containers, tape, etc. There are tables and standing easels in the studio.

About the Artist: Howard Park and Lisa Miceli

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