Water, Sky and Reflections

Howard Park & Lisa Miceli
Tuesdays, February 27 – April 2 from 1:30 - 4:30 pm
$ 335
Class Cap:
12 people

Water reflects the sky in its varied moods, be it placid, colorful, bright, or somber. Depicting this harmony of sky and water is a great challenge to painters. Because the sky is so changeable, and is the source of light, this impacts all the other elements of a painting. We are surrounded by water in its multiple forms including large areas of water like the ocean and lakes, smaller ponds, tiny bits of water in a swale or stream that reflect the sky., or a waterfall in the woods that flows into a trickling stream. Reflections in water can be the essence of a pleasing and harmonious painting and when conveyed convincingly, they bring a painting to life. Harmony of water, sky, clouds and reflections is essential to a strong composition and design in landscape
and seascape painting.

In this class students will learn to paint the sky as the source of light, and understand how the tone and mood of the sky influence the whole of the painting and especially the water below. We will emphasize how value changes in the sky and water, and subtle changes in color and tone can depict a convincing sky and clouds. A particular focus will be designing skies and water as primary elements in your painting rather than an afterthought, and being able to depict a full range of sky tones and moods including foggy, misty days with subtle light breaking through, the warm glow of early morning light, or quintessential bright blue skies.

Any medium may be used, students will be able to see demos in both oil and watercolor.

About the Artist: Howard Park & Lisa Miceli

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