Exploring Abstraction

Sunil Howlader
Saturday - Sunday, April 6 - 7
9 am - 4 pm
LAA Member $325 ; Non-LAA members: $350
Class Cap:
12 people

Abstraction or realism: Artists often debate which way to go. Learn how to express yourself combining the best elements from these artistic traditions. In this workshop, students will discover art techniques, ideas, tools, and inspiration to dive into the world of abstract art. The workshop will combine abstract and realistic elements to create a painting that is complex, dynamic, and interesting. Students will work on translating thoughts, emotions, and ideas to the canvas using texture, form, and color. This workshop is intended to inspire you to create art that engages your heart and makes people feel and/or think. A basic understanding of painting is recommended. *This workshop is open to either oils or acrylics and is designed to cater to a range of levels.

About the Artist: Sunil Howlader

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