Pastels with Mixed Media

Nancy Gladwell
Fridays, March 1 - April 5
1 pm - 4 pm
Class Cap:
12 people

Pastel with Mixed Media: watercolor, gouache, or other favorite mediums.
Expand your creative practice! Combine your favorite medium with the very versatile Pastel chalks!

Pastels have been used with a variety of media since the early Renaissance. Edgar Degas took this technique to advanced levels. In this course we will begin, with the traditional use of a monochromatic underpainting in then media of choice, to create space and form. Pastels add expressive color built on top of the value-based substructure providing for greater chromatic freedom. Students will be encouraged to look at and experiment with various color strategies, techniques and mixtures. The first couple of weeks we will work from direct observation utilizing different techniques, approaches, and building skills. Once a certain technical comfort has developed students may choose their own subject matter, reference material and content.

Those that want to work with pastels alone are encouraged to do so.

About the Artist: Nancy Peel Gladwell

Gladwell is a veteran artist and art educator. She began teaching over 40 years ago in Italy. She taught drawing, painting, pastel, 2-D composition, and color theory for 28 years at Lyme Academy College as an Assoc. Professor and continues teaching at University of New Haven. The artist exhibits nationally, and truly believes that the pursual of artistic practice enriches our life and beings us closer to what it means to be human.

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