Second Century Campaign


The Lyme Art Association building exterior has required restoration for many years, and funds were being raised for that purpose as early as 2007. After the devastating flood of 2010, funds already raised had to be used to repair and restore the damage caused by the water. When the exterior restoration fundraising effort was re-invigorated in 2012, the name Second Century Capital Campaign was chosen.

The beautiful building that houses the activities of the LAA has survived for nearly a century, and the intention of the restoration currently underway is to repair, restore, and improve the building, faithfully maintaining its current design, so that it can endure for another hundred years.

With this goal in mind, Centerbrook Architects has defined the project scope, seamlessly blending the traditional cedar shingles with current techniques and materials where they will improve durability, reduce maintenance, and make the structure weather tight and more energy efficient.

Given the LAA’s current solid fiscal position, the board of directors decided that, with approval received from Old Lyme Historic Commission, it was wise to make the investment in low-maintenance materials, provided that their appearance will be indistinguishable from the original design.



To date the committee has completed a Condition Assessment Study and a Master Plan. The next step for the committee will be to secure the resources required to complete the restoration projects identified in the Master Plan.

For additional information, please contact:

Carrie Walters, Second Century Chair
Gary Parrington, Development Director


A fundraising letter from the Lyme Art Association's very first capital campaign.

A fundraising letter from the Lyme Art Association’s very first capital campaign.

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