Second Century Campaign

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The exterior restoration of our gallery is in process!

Thanks to generous Second Century Capital Campaign donors the work crew is now on the job, replacing old shingles and woodwork.

Weather permitting, and if all goes well (there are always a few surprises in this kind of restoration), the project should be completed in about four months.

This vital restoration work had to begin, even though we are still fundraising to reach our $350,000 campaign goal. With nearly 100-year-old shingles literally falling off the building and deteriorated woodwork falling apart, this major preservation project simply could not be delayed any longer!

Your donation now will help us complete this historic project!

Follow our progress here on our website, or visit the gallery and see first-hand how your support will help transform our venerable building.

For additional information please contact Gary Parrington, Development Director
Thank you!


Carrie Walters, Second Century Chair
Gary Parrington, Development Director


A fundraising letter from the Lyme Art Association's very first capital campaign.

A fundraising letter from the Lyme Art Association’s very first capital campaign.

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