Pet Portraiture

Catherine Puccio
Saturday - Sunday, February 17 - 18
9 am - 4 pm
LAA Members: $250 ; Non-LAA Members: $275
Class Cap:
12 people

So you want to paint your pet? You are in good company! There is a historical precedent; Humankind has been drawing animals since the Stone Age. Throughout History, animal portraits have adorned the walls of caves, galleries and castles alike. Prize-winning pigs, champion horses and beloved dogs and cats have been immortalized in a multitude of media. From Prehistoric Man to Picasso, animals have been the artist’s muse.

In this workshop, learn how to draw or paint an animal or favorite pet. Achieve form, texture and likeness using simple light and shadow shapes to bring your pet to life. With the right tools, make fur look furry, make a shiny nose look wet. Discover how to convey character and evoke personality in your pet portrait. Like a cherished school photo of a child complete with cowlick and missing teeth, so too should a pet portrait channel your pet’s idiosyncrasies.

This two-day workshop will include several brief demonstrations throughout each day to guide the artist through the drawing/painting process. The importance of composition and accurate draughtsmanship, color and temperature, as well as value and edges will be discussed during the course of the workshop. And undoubtedly, there will be pet stories!

About the Artist: Catherine Puccio 
Animal lover and painter Catherine Puccio has been painting since she was 13 years old. She has taught art in the CT public schools and at Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood, NJ. Most recently she had a solo exhibition in Mile Brook Gallery at Lyme Art Association where many of her animal portraits were featured.

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