Elected Artists

2018 New Elected Artists

2018 new Elected Artists (left to right) Harley Bartlett, Melissa Imossi, Ralph Acosta, Steve Linde, Katherine Simmons, Mary Mellot, Michael Rogan, Karen Israel and Judy Perry. Not pictured, Randie Kahrl.


The Lyme Art Association Elected Artists are our most accomplished artists – the best of the best, and the torch-bearers for the American representational tradition. They follow directly in the footsteps of the Lyme Art Colony artists who hung their Tonalist and Impressionist works on the walls of the local library in 1901. 

H – N

Hanson, William G.

Hart, Glenn

Holmes, Jennifer

Howlader, Sunil

Imossi, Melissa

Israel, Karen

Ivers, Christine

Johnson, Helene M.

Kahrl, Randie

Karpinksi, Christine

Laurino, Jim

Linde, Steve

Lucas, Sarah Stifler

Lussier, Barbara

Magner, James

Maiser, Barbara

Martell, Donna

Maynard, Karen

McDonald, Cheryl

McTigue, Bernie

Mellot, Mary

Miller, Muriel

Millikin, Dora

Montmeat, Jack

Moran, Ann

Muller-Thym, Kim

Nazzaro, Richard

Nelson, Barrant W.

Nilsson, Leif

Noreika, Robert

O – Z

Park, Howard

Perkowski, Robert

Perry, Judy

Pierson, Anne Bingham

Pisano, Crista

Post, Claudia

Quinn-Munson, Deborah

Rhoades, Elizabeth

Robertson, Janine

Roberts-Paschall, Diana

Rogan, Michael

Ruggiero, Kimberly

Rupp, Maryanne

Saporito, Ron

Schavoir, Frederick

Schirmeier, Beverly

Schroeder, Nancy

Schwartz, Nancy E.

Seekamp, Patricia

Shane, Shauna

Simmons, Katherine

Sirrine, Dennis

Stone, Caleb

Torrenti, Tom

Traynor, John

Van Winkle, Susan

Wallace, Joan

White, Nelson H.

Winchell, Kent

Worthen, Mary

Youngs, Shirley Cean

Zhang, Christopher

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